Inspiration behind the Amer Canvas Collection

All of us, at one point or another, have felt a sudden urge to leave all the worldly inhibitions and flee to some place far away, or a memory. Be it the pangs of forbidden love which could not quite result in its desired outcome, or the warm touch of a mother’s palm on the surface of one’s barren cheeks, or the desire to revisit a destination that hasn’t been visited in the first place- we experience such melancholies time and again, owing to the circumstances of life and of course, adulthood. There is something extremely ecstatic about this nostalgia, or one might even call it romance.

The dunes of Rajasthan, flowing away with the wind, carry many such stories within them, that if one wishes to uncover, they would only be able to do it if they decide to visit the historically rich state of the Indian subcontinent. One of the oldest states of India, the land of royalties paints a beautiful landscape that features India’s folk culture and tradition in its most authentic form.Abundant with tales of kingdoms of various rulers of its regions, the residents of the state from the ancient times, have believed in the philosophy of bravery, sacrifice, and devotion. From chronicles of the kingdom of Rana Pratap, to Bhajans of Meera Bai, its splendid history has breathed life into some of India’s most critically acclaimed literary and art works and internationally applauded cinematic productions.

Keeping this legacy alive, lies at its heart the capital of Rajasthan- Jaipur. Also called the Pink city, the city is surrounded by the majestic Aravalli range which sits perfectly with its carefully planned architecture of castles, forts, and palaces. Additionally, being a popular destination for tourists from around the world, the city offers a wide array of crafts that have been crafted by the traditional craftspeople of India.

Taking inspiration from this eternal love for craft, culture, and royalty, Obeetee carpet curated its newest collection- The Amer Canvas collection. With an aim to showcase the fantastical splendour of the Amber Fort, the collection has been designed using floral and geometrical patterns similar to the magnificent interior of the fort.

Let’s take a look at some of the collection’s timeless pieces to understand better the inspiration behind their artistry, utility, and quality.

1) Bahar Hand Knotted - Bahar Hand Knotted

Much like its name, the Bahar hand knotted Rug is an elegant canvas that is inspired by the distinguished flora of the Amer. Crafted using the premium quality yarns of wool, viscose, and cotton, this rug has been crafted using the hand knotted techniques with 62 knots per square inch. Additionally, the intricately designed diamond shapes on its canvas are filled with a combination of pink petals and green leaves, which provides the rug with an extremely traditional yet royal appeal.

2) Surmaya Hand Knotted woollen-

Surmaya Hand Knotted woollen

Crafted in colours of fuchsia, purple, and blue with a touch of gold, the floral patterns of the rug combine nicely with geometric designs, producing an effect similar to that of the fort. In addition, while the pulled threads at the rug's end give it a traditional look, the Surmaya Hand Knotted woollen rug's colour scheme gives it a contemporary feel. Consequently, this rug is a true work of contemporary art.

3) Dasht Hand knotted rug

Dasht Hand knotted rug

If one has never seen the spring of Amer, they can have a glimpse of it through the intricate motifs of the Dasht hand-knotted woollen and cotton rug. This rug is a classic piece of interior décor, courtesy its exceptional craftsmanship and selection of green tones with a tinge of fuchsia. The rug, hand-knotted with wool, viscose, and cotton yarns of the highest quality, passes the durability test excellently. Since its colour palette is deemed regal by design professionals, this rug represents the splendour of the Amer fort in every way, since its colour palette is deemed regal by design professionals.

 4) Naaz Hand knotted rug

Naaz Hand knotted rug

Hand-knotted from Afghan wool, the Naaz hand-knotted rug is majestic. This rug's use of subdued blue tones for its predominant colour endows it with a very exquisite appearance, making it suitable for use with any colour or style of furniture. The furnishing piece can be styled with both outdoor and interior furnishings due to its elegant design and patterns. The rug is a great accessory for those who value a stylish yet understated aesthetic, as it improves the beauty of any setup instantly.


5) Gulmohar Hand knotted rug

Gulmohar Hand knotted rug

A canvas that has been designed using a combination of modern and traditional designs, the Gulmohar Rug has been crafted for those who are fond of bigger patterns and do not prefer an understated aesthetic. The massive geometric designs have been used as a boundary which is further filled with intricately knotted floral patterns, making it to be a royal work of art. In addition, the green and red hues on the canvas bring out the authentic essence of the gardens of Amer palace during its full bloom.