Obeetee Carpets


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"Seeing is believing," goes the saying, but not when it comes to Obeetee carpets. Yes, our designs are beautiful. But it’s the touch—just one—that will make you believe that there are no finer carpets available.

Plot No. 1263,
Rd Number 36, Jubilee Hills,
Telangana 500033
+91 99002 05381

Obeetee is one of the most popular luxury carpet stores in Hyderabad. The carpet store has an exquisite collection of designer and handmade carpets specifically made for the hospitality industry, hotels, offices and homes. Discover a great selection of premium designer handmade carpets and rugs with a wide variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Get premium quality carpets from Obeetee carpet shop in Hyderabad at the best possible prices and all price ranges.