These terms and conditions apply to the certificate of authenticity offer made by Obeetee Retail Private Limited (Obeetee) (Scheme)

  1. Obeetee will provide a certificate of authenticity that attests to the design and brand's originality upon purchase of an Obeetee carpet with greater than 190 knots per square inch (Eligible Carpet).
  2. Under the Scheme, Obeetee provides a 25 year buy-back guarantee under which Obeetee will buy back the Carpet at up to 100% of its invoice price minus any Goods and Services Tax (Buy-back Amount) depending on the condition of the Eligible Carpet. Obeetee shall have absolute discretion on determining the Buy-back Amount.
  3. The Scheme can be exercised after 3 years of the invoice date of the Eligible Carpet up to 25 years of the invoice date.
  4. The transaction will be completed only after inspection of the health of the Eligible Carpet to the absolute satisfaction of Obeetee. The Eligible Carpet should be returned without any physical damages including cut marks, pet scratches, stains, burn marks, etc.
  5. Upon acceptance of the Eligible Carpet by Obeetee under the Scheme, Obeetee will issue a credit note for the Buy-back Amount in favour of the original customer named on the invoice (or a legal heir) (Eligible Customer) (Credit Note).
  6. The Credit Note will be valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance and may be redeemed by the Eligible Customer for a subsequent purchase of an Obeetee carpet, either online or from an Obeetee store.
  7. Entire value of the Credit Note should be utilised towards a single purchase by the Eligible Customer. In the event that the entire value of the Credit Note is not utilised in a single purchase, the balance amount shall be forfeited with no further recourse to the Eligible Customer.
  8. The Credit Note shall be applied only towards the selling price of a given Obeetee carpet but cannot be utilised to adjust any tax amounts including Goods and Service Tax.
  9. The benefits being offered under this Scheme cannot be clubbed with any other offer that Obeetee may be promoting at a given time.
  10. The Scheme is valid on purchase of a Eligible Carpet on or after 21st August, 2023.
  11. This scheme cannot be clubbed together with any other discount code, offer or promotion.