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Tree Of Life
Tree Of Life

This rug hand knotted to ensure durability using superior quality yarn, represents a traditional Persian design scheme called "the tree of life". It is a profound design style that represents the connection between earth and the environment through its roots and outreaching branches. The broad borders on all four ends have been shaded in various shades of green, gold, and hints of rust- a shade that stands primary at its centre. The thought behind the design appeal and its colour selection makes this rug perfect for a traditional or a contemporary home setup.

   8 x 2.06 ft
₹ 199,500.00
Hunting Tabariz
Hunting Tabriz Hand Knotted Woollen Rug
This rug is an exceptionally fine Persian Tabriz pictorial rug which highlights the charcoal field with horsemen in pursuit of prey amongst scattered flowering plants within an ivory border enclosing pictorial cartouches supported by bell shaped pendants in filled with flowering vines. Its motifs are a magnificent example of Persian ‘revivalist’ weaving, presenting a hunting scene from the verses of the Persian poet Ferdowsi. A superb example of the pictorial genre, made by highly talented, experienced weavers, this rug not only makes a space look and feel warmer, but also lasts in a home a long time- thanks to the premium quality materials that are used for its craftsmanship.

   9 x 6 ft    8 x 5 ft    15 x 8 ft    14 x 10 ft
₹ 399,000.00
Pazyryk Hand Knotted Woollen Rug

Did you know? Pazyryk persian hand knotted rug is the oldest rug known to humanity today. Derived from the Altai Mountains in Siberia in 1948, the rug was discovered in the grave of prince Altai near Pazyryk who was buried along with all his valuables; one of which was the Pazyryk rug. Inspired by this magnificence and legacy of the Pazyryk rugs, our persian Pazyryk rug has been crafted using the most superior yarn of wool and silk. Its carefully crafted canvas features motifs unique to that era, with elks on the inner border, and the two main border bands have been embellished with a line of horsemen.

   9 x 6 ft    10 x 8 ft
₹ 538,700.00