Premium quality rugs delivered to your doorstep- Obeetee White Glove Service

The home and lifestyle industry is abundant with brands that are constantly catering to the modern consumers. Falling prey to this plethora of options, we end up buying things we do not actually need. Sometimes, the product looks good in the pictures but doesn’t quite match up to your expectations when you see it in real life. While other times, the product just doesn’t simply go well with your home, or lifestyle. Credit this to the marvellous marketing skills that brands acquired in recent decades that we as gullible consumers fall for, or just abundance of options that make us extremely curious, making us purchase the product. However, in this era of consumerism, we must understand the importance of not overlooking the ‘need’ aspect of a product before buying it.

While impulsive purchases can be extremely therapeutic for some, such impulses definitely have some downsides that ultimately may disrupt one’s mental health. An example for the same can be as simple as the mere regret one has after purchasing something. The satisfaction that you yearned for diminishes the moment the package gets delivered, and you start introspecting whether or not you should keep it. 

The white glove program of Obeetee, is a solution to just this problem.

Premium quality rugs

Obeetee acknowledges the importance of craft and conscience as India's premier carpet manufacturing company being a hub of premium quality handcrafted carpets to consumers worldwide. As a result, we make sure that before purchasing our rugs and carpets, we provide our customers with all of the relevant information they require about the furnishings. The White Glove Service provides the consumer with an incredibly personalised and custom-made experience, from material to placement to carpet design. The procedure for availing the White Glove Service is really simple. Anyone interested in purchasing the Obeetee rugs and carpets can contact the specialists through the website's 'White Glove Service' section. After scheduling an appointment, the professionals will select the best carpets for the customer's needs and have them delivered to the customer's home at the scheduled time. In addition, the service includes further aid with home makeovers, design options, and other requirements. Furthermore, the White Glove Service is completely free of charge for the customer; all they have to do is inform our specialists about their aesthetic, material, and design preferences, and we will select the carpets depending on their brief. If one wants to see more prospective options after analysing the carpets, they can schedule another appointment with us and our specialists will come to the rescue with an additional selection of the handcrafted carpets and rugs.

Another element that distinguishes it from the norm is that our carpets and rugs are hand tufted and hand knotted, allowing the furnishings to survive for years, as well as generations. As a result, when you opt for the White Glove Service, you are purchasing not just something suitable for your home, but also something that you will be able to retain for a long time.

The remarkable characteristics of this service are what genuinely make it a hassle-free, simple, and sustainable experience, as they reduce the likelihood of you purchasing something that does not fit your preferences. In comparison to retail or online store buying, white glove service provides you with a real-life utilitarian trial of how the carpet will look in your home.

Thus, if you've been looking for a carpet or rug for your home but also want ‘the one’ for your 'heavenly haven' so you don't regret it later, opting for the white glove service may be a move you won't regret. Visit Obeetee’s white glove service page today for the most personalised experience for your home.