How to layer your rug?

Home decoration is a task that consists of multiple ‘layers’. The first layer in this fun quest is undoubtedly, the floor furnishing. While the traditional rug halfway under the table works well for most spaces, if you wish to spice things up a little in your home to make it look busier and more interesting, understanding the art of layering can help you achieve this effect. Beit you having moved into the house of your dreams, or you just wanting to give your old space a makeover so it feels new again, home decoration never bores anyone. Because a fresh, clean, and coordinated ambiance instantly lifts our spirits.

How to layer your rug

If layering is something you are not familiar with but wish to still try, read ahead to master this quick art.

1) Take the room into consideration

Layering rugs work best in spaces where the furniture setting is minimal such as a bedroom, living room, or a den. You can mix and match with patterns if the room has solid walls. If your room has a wallpaper with prints, you can try pairing it up with a solid rug to bring more coordination to your room. This would help create the cosy atmosphere while making your room look more spacious.

2) Coordinate with the colours

For the longest time, home owners and designers preferred the traditional approach of placing a patterned rug on top of a solid wall-to-wall carpet. However, in recent time the décor industry has seen a shift in this trend. The modern consumers prefer to mix and match colours for the placement of their rugs. You can opt for rugs with similar colour family to layer each other to maintain uniformity in your living space. Additionally, if you have got furniture and walls that are rather dull in their colour approach, you can also go for colour blocking. It is an interesting phenomenon of coordinating colours that belong to completely different colour families.

3) Experiment with sizing

The primary aspect of layering involves selecting the right size of the rugs for it. The best way to do it is to place a wall-to-wall carpet in your space and then layer it up with smaller sized rugs. Alternatively, you can also just fill up a space with smaller sized rugs from the same colour or pattern family to bring a unique element to it. Pro tip: keep the smaller rugs stored in a basket and roll them over when guests visit your space.

4) Layer on the bias

Layering on a bias always works best for layering. To achieve this look, you can place your large rug always in the direction of the shape of your room, trying to fill it up as much as you can. To this straight rug, create a bias by placing smaller rug in different angles. You can only achieve the best results for this once you are physically present in the area, so feel free to experiment and figure out what angle works best.

5) Consider the material

The large rug that you place under the smaller rugs should always have a thicker material. Placing a thinner material underneath the rugs would allow more friction thus, easily allowing rugs to look unorganised and untidy. Therefore, always go for thicker and more durable materials for your rugs. Additionally, you can also opt for Hand-knotted rugs that are known to have a longer life than other carpets.

6) Do not overdo bohemian

Bohemian is a style that is especially popular among the contemporary consumers. While the style appeals to most homeowners, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot explore other styles to suit your taste. If you feel like your idea of an elegant ambiance is slightly more on the simpler and quieter side, opt for more neutral tones of rugs. If you are someone who prefers just a little bit of boho, try a pattern on solid or vice versa.

7) Get out of the box

As stated earlier, home décor is all about how we feel and wish to express ourselves through our home. It can be quirky, it can be timid, and it can be extremely simple. While selecting rugs to layer, understand how you want your space to feel like. What would make you space the most ‘you’. If you can find this out, well then you’ve mastered the art of layering.

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