Proud to be Indian

Shantanu & Nikhil

The Vision

Acclaimed couturiers Shantanu & Nikhil sketch their signature couture symbols into the world of knots and weaves.Collections over the years and what the brand stands for: Power, Progressiveness and Pride.This limited edition collection by the design duo is broken into three sub themes of Independence, Regimental Regalia and The India-Proud Story.



A very natural extension to our couture collection, the carpets derive their elements from intangible Aspects of Pride, Valour, Honour and Respect. Brick textures, maps, battleground stains signifying Struggle and insignias of victory representing a fitting finale comes alive into tactile surface.



Signature textures ranging from bold victory flag patterns, a colour palette of red and navy Depicting the power of the army, and the undying spirit of freedom and valour through the insignias of celebrations.


the india proud

This collection of hand crafted carpets pays tribute to the age old techniques of carpet making that Obeetee has perfected through a hundred years of workmanship, with a signature Shantanu and Nikhil contemporisation.


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A single Bhadohi carpet can boast up to 300 knots per sq. inch. That’s right, 300!And every craftsman ties between six and nine thousand knots each day.

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