Regimental Regalia
Valiant Regimen Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
An avant-garde avatar in overlapping shades and entrenchment, the valiant rouge and promise the manifestation of glory. The handwoven rug knotted with wondrous wool and posh silk captures the blistering wounds boastful of war lores. This imposing rug is an...
from ₹ 378,000.00
Unwavering Adamas Hand knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
Twirling florets of crimson red rise to greet with wordy legends of victory after an arduous struggle. With stains of conflict imprinted forevermore that diverge across the surface while the insignia stands dignified and unblemished. Layered with color and hand-knotted...
₹ 510,300.00
Surge of the Heroic Hand knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
A rug reimagined with testimonies of battles that waged against tyrannical persecution with a manifestation of scars and stains of war against a superficial calm. Built from burnished silk and indulgent wool and hand-knotted into life by dexterous artisans. Tints...
from ₹ 378,000.00
Enviced Glory Hand knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
An asymmetrical association of accolades overshadowing battle scars in an artistic rendition by the defining artisanal duo. Hand-stitched in delicate silk and lush wool to capture pain and loss behind every impartial victory bring equilibrium to the piece. 
from ₹ 756,000.00
The Gallant Hand knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
A seemingly indistinct and whimsical rug that disguises an artful abstraction of the stains of strife and victory. Brought to life with vivid and subdued colors handwoven together masterfully with luminous silk and wool dyed in hushed tones of ruby...
₹ 378,000.00
Battalion’s Valour Hand knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
Audaciously etched with illusory battleground stains of ruby red fused with berry blue and juxtaposed with subdued gold creating a reverie of tales of valor, honor, struggle that is brought alive by a skillful mix of lustrous silk and matte...
from ₹ 1,020,600.00

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