The India Proud Story
Traversing Travancore Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
Floral motif bestowed upon beige and crimson dyed glossy silk and wool rug symbolizing the sanguine in the ancient world of unpredictable skirmish and crusades that pan across the piece— giving out a rosy blush of battle splatter. The monochrome...
₹ 869,400.00
The Buxar Saga Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
An allusion summoned by the enosis of gold-etched patterns in a whimsical undertone and blends of claret red along with aquamarine reminds of the recherche, historically defining amalgamation that paved promenades to disorder. The handcrafted and artistically cured palatial silk...
from ₹ 456,500.00
Plight of Plassey Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
An allusion to the battle residue of a vigorous exhibit of bravery in regal attire is made with the visual invocation of maroon and rouge blend with seldom peaks of sky blue in this hand-knotted and layered fabrication of silk...
₹ 434,700.00
Chronicles of Madras Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
With intricate ebony etching paramountcy over the cocoa labyrinth of historical harmonies and disorder in synchrony, this rug calls onto the brave to be boastful in a layered knot handicraft of resplendent silk and rustic wool. 
from ₹ 261,000.00
Bequests of Cawnpore Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
Capture, recapture, retribution, and peace are the pieces of this narrative, inspiring each knot of this satiny silk and handspun wool. In rustic cocoa and ebony hues, this lore-centric memoir is manifested as the handspun craft of an eloquent rug. 
₹ 586,900.00

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