Coat Of Arms
Totem Tryst Hand Knotted Cotton, Silk and Viscose Rug
"An artistic evocation of courage and sacrifice, of martyrdom and valour—the Totem Tryst rug from the Coat Of Arms series is a deep exploration of the cultural values and ethos of a bygone era in Indian history. A traditional representation...
from ₹ 410,600.00
Regal Seal Hand Knotted Cotton, Silk and Viscose Rug
An artistic masterpiece woven from premium silk and viscose, inspired from Rajputana insignias and monograms of the princely royal states, the Regal Seal rug is a testament of grandeur and valor demonstrated by the courageous warriors and their families. 
from ₹ 821,100.00
Lancers Insignia Hand Knotted Cotton, Silk and Viscose Rug
The transitional style of Lancers Insignia uses a modernistic approach on a royal blue palette to illustrate the grandeur of Rajput warriors. It revives the cultural symbols of a glorious Indian past that once was a place of legendary royalty,...
from ₹ 554,300.00
Dune Crest Hand Knotted Cotton, Silk and Viscose Rug
A hand knotted masterpiece from our artisans, incredibly soft to touch, the Dune Crest rug is an emblem of adulation, woven to celebrate the dignity, generosity, martyrdom and, sacrifice of the royal warriors and their families.
from ₹ 410,600.00

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