Rugs to Accessorise Your Home This Summer

We all fantasise about enjoying a refreshing cocktail while lounging on the beach. Depending on life's obstacles and circumstances, some of us fulfil this desire, while others are unable to. If you belong to the latter group of individuals who are not often able to witness this wonderful "summery" event, we have fantastic news for you. You can create a perfect summer ambiance right under your roof if you choose the right type of furnishing accents for your home. There are a few methods and tips that interior designers and stylists swear by. But before you move towards transforming your entire house, we recommend you take a great look at your flooring. The floor is the foundation of your entire home. All of your furniture rests upon it. Therefore, everything in your room is arranged to complement the style of flooring you've chosen for your residence.

Obeetee rugs Online

Let's take a look at some of the Obeetee rugs online from its summer refresh collection designed specifically to give you the 'vibes' this summer, now that you have a fair understanding of how vital flooring is for creating a wonderful atmosphere in your home.

1) Jabbing Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Jabbing Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

If you’re fond of patterns with vibrant colors and geometric shapes, the jabbing Rug is the perfect selection for you! Since the rug is crafted with wool, it doesn’t add to the hotness of the weather. The patterns which have been created with a keen eye on bringing that fresh element, instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room.

The combination of light and dark colours ranging along with its perfectly designed geometric patterns provides this rug with an exquisite appeal. Crafted using premium quality materials and hand knotting technique, these rugs go well with various furniture settings and colour palettes.

 2) Jafari Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Jafari Hand Tufted Woollen Rugs

Have you ever seen a beautiful summer sunset? The ecstatic natural phenomenon is known for creating magic in the sky. Every time we look at it, it is almost as if the nature carefully painted sky’s canvas with its favourite hues. Turquoise, blue, orange, brown, beige, and if the weather is in your favour, even pink can be seen through our eyes. With the Jafari hand tufted woollen rug, our craftspeople wanted to create this magic in your home. When you place this rug beneath your furniture, it instantly brings the peacefulness of a magnificent sunset to your home. If you don’t believe us, avail our white glove service today and bring the carpet home to experience the magic.

3) Ressee Hand Knotted Woollen and Cotton Rug

Ressee Hand Knotted Woollen and Cotton Rug

It is a common misconception that traditional motifs and patterns tend to be heavy on the eyes. Some also believe that the suit better for atmospheres with colder temperatures. The Ressee hand knotted woollen rug, with its Oushak and Khotan Motifs, breaks just this misconception. Crafted with the hand knotted technique which is an age-old technique used to create durable canvases, this rug is great for not only summers but every season that passes by. The patterns although traditional, have been crafted with a modernistic approach making its patterns extremely whimsical and ideal for the season of sun.

4) Distillerry Hand Knotted Woollen and cotton Rug

Distillerry Hand Knotted Woollen and cotton Rug

Designed to lift up the ambience of any area, the distillerry rug is an absolute furnishing masterpiece. With blue for its primary colour, the rug screams the freshness of summer. Additionally, if you are fond of vintage style décor, this rug is just the accent for you. Inspired by vintage rugs from the era of speakeasies and home distilleries, the rug's distressed finish gives it a lived-in look. Since it has been hand knotted to perfection by Obeetee’s seasoned artisans, the rug stands the test of time and its craft technique provides with an extremely adaptive allure that is just as contemporary as it is traditional.

5) Feathers Hand Woven Woollen Dhurrie

Feathers Hand Woven Woollen Dhurrie

Now, even though this one is not exactly a rug, it is just as elegant as a rug. With summer come a lot of insects and dust. Thus, it results in frequent cleaning sessions for your furnishings. If you reside in place where this situation can arise, you can opt for the Feathers hand woven dhurrie. Unlike a rug or a carpet, it can be easily washed in a washing machine. In addition, its handwoven nature makes it extremely strong and durable. So while cleaning if you’re always in a hurry, get this handwoven dhurrie!