6 Rugs You can Choose to Gift to Your Partner in Crime This Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan. Each year, a sister ties a knot on her brother's wrist as a symbol of her undying love, faith, and care, while wishing him a long life. In exchange, the brother promises to always protect his sister and never allow her grin to disappear.

 6 rugs you can choose to gift to your partner

Remember how, when we were young, our mothers would dress us in fresh clothing and give us a bath before allowing us to touch the Pooja plate, which was so beautifully organised and decorated? As children, we did not comprehend the deeper significance of the event, such as the significance of eternal love, care, and protection. As innocent as a child could be, they only comprehend the tangible, perceptible things they can see and touch. Thus, while our moms would attach a great deal of meaning to the act of tying a knot on their brother's wrist, the source of our delight was the gifts, the sweets, and the pleasure of seeing our cousins whom we infrequently met.

However, as we mature, we learn to appreciate the thoughts and the significance of the occasion for our mothers. There is an emotion associated to both ends of the thread while it is being tied, regardless of whether you are the brother getting the thread knotted on your wrist or the sister who is tying it. This emotion causes us to reflect on all the tiny arguments we had, all the times one cried because the other was scolded, all the times you made them finish their Maggi first so you could then tease them by eating it even more slowly than ever, and so many other anecdotes from our youth. As the remembrance approaches, we realise the thread has been tied and it is now time to feed each other sweets, with a slight grin on our faces as a result of these beautiful memories. 

To make this moment even better, we have compiled a list of the top six rugs that we believe you could present to your sibling on Rakhi. The threads of our rugs have been knotted to withstand the test of time, exactly as the Rakhi thread is tied to symbolise a sibling's eternal love.

1) Abuson Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Abuson Hand tufted Rugs

Similar to the spirits of Rakshabandhan, the Abuson Rug is part of the diverse Panache collection. With motifs that are inspired by the vine-like Chinoiserie patterns from Oriental art and embroidery traditions, this Rug is an ideal gift for your sibling as it contains that festive aesthetic to its designs. The rug is available in 3 sizes- 6x4, 8x5, and 9x6 which you can choose from depending upon your or your sibling’s preferences. Crafted with premium quality yarns of wool, the rug has been crafted to perfection by our seasoned artisans who have hand tufted the rug with their skilled hands, making its canvas an extremely durable one.

 2) Sarah Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Sarah Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

The Sarah rug is a traditional Persian rug from the Panache collection. It is hand-tufted with cotton and wool yarns (both mainland and island Sardinian wool). It features double medallion designs that lend it an extravagant and regal appearance. The selection of beautiful peach, rust, beige, and blue colours for its motifs is what makes this rug an elegant choice of gift to present to your sibling this Rakhi. Using the remarkable hand tufting technique, our expert craftspeople have crafted the rug to perfection so it lasts for your years, which makes this rug just the token of love to your sibling.

 3) Isha Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Isha Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

The Isha area rug from the Panache collection is hand-tufted with Indian wool to perfection. This hand-knotted rug has a vine-like appearance formed by loosely dispersed flower motifs that echo the historic floral rug tradition. The floral patterns and motifs in addition to its colour selection of beige, brown, and grey, maintain the spirits of festival on its perfectly crafted canvas. Its motifs are a combination of conventional and abstract patterns and textures, in line with current home design styles. The rug is crafted in a luxurious white hue with deep borders on both ends to create a contrast that is utterly captivating. The usage of Indian wool renders the rug strong and long-lasting. While we’ve listed plenty of reasons for you to choose this one, here’s the last one- if your sister is named Isha, you can gift it to her as a compliment to her cheery eyes and beautiful persona.

 4) The Jude Odye Brady Trad rug

The Jude Odye Brady Trad rug

This Odye Brady Trad Jude rug is a teal overdyed rug hand-tufted with Sardinian wool (from both the mainland and the island). This rug belongs to the Panache collection and has been hand tufted to perfection by our expert craftspeople. Using the over-dyeing technique, this work of art has a lavishly extravagant appearance, almost as if it is saying that any person who owns it is the ultimate king or queen. Available in four sizes, the rug can be placed in smaller or even larger areas depending upon the size of the space. A beautifully crafted rug that lasts for generations, this rug is just the furnishing piece your sibling needs, this Rakshabandhan.

 5) Ocean Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Ocean Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

If you have a sibling who doesn’t like to go big on patterns, and sticks to lighter designs. You can opt for the Ocean Rug from Obeetee’s Panache collection. A hand-tufted woollen Rug from the collection, this rug is a contemporary take on conventional carpets. The rug is painted in the soothing hues of ocean waters and evokes images of coastal cities and sandy beaches, making it to be a perfect choice for gifting. The minimalistic approach gives this handwoven rug a distinctive individuality, which can represent the uniqueness of your partner in crime.

 6) Niha Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Niha Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Is your sister or brother someone who likes florals but also a subtle color pallet? Are they someone who like their interior décor to be minimalist yet maximalist? Are you finding tough to understand this duality and unable to decide what to gift them? If so, then we bring to you just the Rug you can choose to gift them this Rakshabandhan. The Niha Hand Tufted Woollen Rug is a beautifully crafted rug that depicts carefully crafted floral patterns in the most subtle and artistic manner. The delicate porcelain Niha hand-tufted rug is part of the extensive Panache line. This delicate-looking wool rug is a flowery rug with a unique aesthetic appeal. The pattern is influenced by Indian embroidery traditions, and is a perfect present for the Indian Rakhi tradition as well.