Why You Should Have a Round Rug for Your Home?

Home décor or home furnishings are often about expression of your persona. Of course, how you want your room to look and feel is all about your preferences and unique approach, however, there are a certain facts, tips, and tricks that can really give your room that enhanced appeal. One might believe that this is a job of a professional interior designer, and a layman might not know exactly how to arrange the rest of your home décor with your round rug. That’s exactly what we are going to talk about in this blog, to help you understand the importance of round rugs and how you can plan your interior around them.

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1) To create a distinctive space in your room.

Some of us like to create a separate corner or just a distinctive space in a room where we can place a piece of furniture for example a recliner chair or a single lounging chair. With a round rug, you can easily create this zone in your room by choosing its size as per the size of your room and furniture. Now you can just sit in peace and read that book or simply sip a cup of tea while enjoying some ‘me time’.

2) To create an illusion of a large space in a small room.

Designers often opt for round rugs when they are working on smaller spaces. This is due to the reason that the curves of a round rug automatically make our eyes scan the corners of the room, making our brain believe that the area is larger than it appears. If you have a single or a double room apartment where the furniture is making it look cluttered, round rugs can be an ideal accent or furnishing piece to make a smaller room appear to look larger.

You can find a variety of round rugs on Obeetee carpets and choose the best one suiting your aesthetic requirements.

3) To layer your carpet area with a bold accent rug.

Many apartments and living rooms have carpet floorings or a single carpet that covers the entire floor of the room. The monotony of the colour and pattern of a single carpet can make your room look boring and uninteresting. This is where a round rug comes into the picture. A round rug can instantly enhance the appearance of your room if you place the rest of your furniture on top of it. It breaks the monotony and creates a statement to your overall aesthetic of the space. The layered round accent rug coordinates with the furniture and wall decor, creating a design feature and defining the play space of the table and chairs. At Obeetee carpets, you can find every aesthetic of rugs for your home, from handwoven to synthetic, and traditional to minimalistic.

4) To highlight another round accent or furniture.

You might have another round piece of furniture or accent such as a round wall mirror, clock, or a chandelier that when placed in your room alone, looks like it needs a little bit of support. Placing a round rug in your room can help enhance its aesthetic appeal instantly.