Empowered and self-sufficient- Obeetee’s women weavers

At some point in our lives, each of us has encountered at least one or, if we were fortunate, several women who have inspired us. The first such individual is invariably the mother who gave birth to us, as she is the only one we initially see and observe closely. We played with the tea set as children since it allowed us to mimic our mother's behaviour. As we progress through life, we encounter teachers whom we aspire to emulate; therefore, we would sit our friends in a circle and act as if we were their teacher. Eventually, when we reach full-fledged adulthood, we encounter these women in the guise of our bosses, co-workers, or professors who exemplify what we wish to become in the future. And this time, we perform this role for real, as opposed to just a game. However, it could ironically be another stage and role of our life- as Shakespeare stated. Why do we aspire to be like them as children? It is due to their flawless capacity to nurture, take the lead, and inherent feminine instincts, which are unique to women. Every woman, regardless of whether she is wealthy or poor, educated or uneducated, employed or a stay-at-home mother, exhibits these characteristics at various phases of her life.

Obeetee’s women weavers

Since the beginning of time, India has placed its women on the highest pedestal when it comes to recognising their remarkable qualities. If provided with the right opportunities, no matter what profession they enter they will always excel and emerge stronger than ever- be it displaying extraordinary artistic talent in fine arts, or battling bravely in war fields. This ferocity is a lovely by-product of their perfect capacity to nurture, which is a beautiful result of their femininity.

Despite the fact that these abilities and exceptionalities have been widely acknowledged, it is a sad reality that not all women have had the opportunity to bloom and blossom. This is due to the traditional and conservative mind-set of various societies. Indian rural areas, which make up a significant percentage of the country, have a backward approach when it comes to providing opportunities to their women. In these households, women are the primary caregivers of the home and children, while men are the primary breadwinners. People in rural areas have a hard time breaking out of this cocoon because of their lack of exposure and financial resources. Therefore, even if a woman wishes to prosper and create her individual identity in such circumstances, fingers are pointed at her from the neighbours, or her own family members. A change in mind-set does not happen overnight, but it also does not require an eternity. All it takes, is a volunteer, and an example. People are inspired when they observe other people of their society defying societal rules and succeeding as a result. It's as though the problems they believed were enormous and insurmountable now look trivial.

Obeetee, wishes to set this example for each one of these women. And our volunteers are our women weavers who have successfully set them. Every Obeetee handmade carpets is embedded with their stories and the message that if you have a will to achieve greater things in life and take action towards it, there is nothing that can stand in your way.

Obeetee’s lens

We at Obeetee, strive to eradicate just this problem of lack of opportunities. Our women weavers programme provides on-the-job training to women who are interested in learning the art of carpet weaving. This has encouraged women who were previously confined to household chores to assert their skills and artistry. The carpets woven by these women are showcased nationally and internationally, and the women weavers receive the recognition they deserve for their work. Women should have equal access to opportunities in the workplace and at home. As a result, our experts brainstormed and gave life to the 'Women Weavers' programmes in order to teach women the art of rug making and provide them with employment prospects. The programme is meant to assist women in balancing their training with their domestic obligations until they are ready to fly all by themselves. Additionally, we have also associated women trainers with our skill development centres, who transfer their acquired knowledge of the craft and industry to the women weavers. As these women act as a catalyst, providing others with a foundation for hope and fulfilment, with their help, we fulfil our dream of creating a supportive environment where one lifts up another.

Knots of sisterhood

While we feel that education and career opportunities are the first step toward empowerment, we also believe that this programme is an important illustration of solidarity amongst individuals. Similar to how a sister ties a knot around her brother's wrist each year and wishes for his long life, the craftswomen who weave the threads of Obeetee carpets embed the knots with their everlasting affection, to create furnishings that last for years. Therefore, the carpets woven by each of these ladies are a mark of a Didis's affection for her brothers and sisters, and their threads bind them in an eternal bond of affection, respect, and care.

We understand that times are changing, and so is the mind-set of society as a whole. By implementing this changed and modern approach to our venture, we aim to create a work environment that is constructive, inclusive, and capable of making a difference to society as a whole. In addition to this, we believe that it is the social responsibility of each and every citizen of India to help one another out of a variety of social and financial adversities. In the year 2022, as the sacred festival of (Rakshabandhan) eternal bond between a brother and sister approaches mere 4 days before the (15th august) Indian Independence day, we would like you to remember the national pledge that all of us have sung out loud at various stages of our life:

India is my country.

All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.

I shall always strive to be worthy of it.

I shall respect my parents, teachers, and elders; and treat everyone with courtesy.

To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion.

In their well-being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.

Keeping this profound sentiment alive in our hearts, this Rakshabandhan, let’s celebrate the knots of love from our Didis, and in turn present them with just the sense of freedom they deserve for their hard work, devotion, and love towards their craft. Buy rugs online in India today.