Our Secret To Enhancing Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal: Add A Rug To It

Homes are not just about brick and mortar. It’s our sanctuary, it’s a space we call our own, a space that reflects the people we are. A home is a powerhouse of memories and stories that only very special people would know.

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Remember when you first moved into your home? The smell of hollowness that was yearning for your touch of makeover to it which you removed with overpriced detergents. How you so desperately wanted to fill the empty walls with the captured memories of your loved ones. How you, after much research and consideration bought the perfect lamp to place beside your sofa. It had just the amount of light your eyes are accustomed to. And before you knew, the rooms didn’t smell hollow anymore, the walls didn’t feel empty, and every time you would enter your safe haven after a long day, an effortless smile would occur right under your nose, because finally, after all the work you put to it, it felt like ‘your’ home. That’s what furnishing does to a space. It makes a house, a home.

While looking for a perfect furnishing for your space, you don’t simply go and purchase the best one that exists in the market, you go for the one that is ideal for your home, and reflects your personality. The key to ensuring that your house does not feel incomplete, and you can really create that personalized feel in your home is by adding a rug to it. Be it the bedroom or the living room, addition of a rug instantly enhances the overall ambience of your space. But of course, we are not here to just convince you to buy one based on this. Let us tell you about some of the major ways a rug can enhance the aesthetics of your home, and then you can decide for yourself.

1) Colors

From subtle to loud, there are a wide range of colors to choose from while shopping for a rug for your home. You can either opt for more subdued color scheme to complement your furnishings, or you can go for something more striking to serve as a focal point. If you're looking to add some color to your home, a rug is a terrific way to do so, as it provides the perfect splash of color.

2) Vibrancy

Rugs in bright, eye-catching colors are a great way to bring some life and energy into your living space. To make your area stand out, use a bold rug and minimal furniture. This will give the impression that you've put some thought into the design and will impress anyone who arrives.

 3) Plush under foot feeling.

One of the best ways to end a long and exhausting day is to relax on something soft and plush, and that is exactly what a rug can provide. With soft fabrics like wool or silk, you can create a cosy ambiance in your house and really experience the furry sensation the moment you walk through your door.

4) Best friend for winter.

It's no fun to shiver your way out of bed in the dead of winter. Adding a rug immediately in front of your bed can help prevent this from happening to your bare feet. Additionally, if you’re thinking what to do with them in summers, choosing rugs made with lighter materials like wool and cotton blends, or jute, can help you your rug last for years, without providing any kind of discomfort.

5) Personalized feel

Last but not the least, home furnishing or home décor is all about one’s own style preferences and representation of oneself. Adding a rug to your liking provides your home with a personalized approach and adds that ‘me’ element to your space, ensuring that when you reach your home you can feel like it is your own unique, personal, and safe zone.

Now that you know why rugs are important for your homes, we hope you have made up your mind about purchasing one. And if you are ready to embark on this exciting and colorful journey, Obeetee carpets (add link to the website listings) is just where it begins.