The Importance Of Dhurrie In A Home

Customs and traditions hold a primary place for the Indian diaspora. With the philosophy that man is born from soil, and ultimately diminishes in it, we treat the soil with utmost respect. Possibly, that is why since ancient times, Indian households would place a Dhurrie atop their floors, sit on it, and eat together as a union. Times changed, and so did our utilities. However, we could not forget about certain critical elements because of their cultural importance, or one might even call it a beautiful nostalgia. Breaking the barrier of time and keeping this nostalgia alive, the Dhurrie rugs even today, prevail as a preferred choice for home furnishings for a variety of reasons.

The Importance Of Dhurrie In A Home

The Indian artisans effortlessly utilize their traditional skills and craft the magnificent rug, weaving stories that reach international pedestals through their colorful threads. If one wishes to truly experience this magnificence in their art and craft, we suggest they get a traditionally crafted Dhurrie for their home.

Most of us have heard of handcrafted rugs and carpets, which time and again have proven themselves to be great home furnishings for a variety of spaces. A Dhurrie, is a flat-woven variation of a rug that was traditionally used and crafted in India. Having a distinctive approach than that of a traditional area rug, the Dhurrie rugs were used as bedding, packaging, or furnishing based on their size and material.

The Rugs are ideal for individuals and home owners who like to achieve a minimalistic home décor ambience with a few efforts. Compared to handcrafted rugs and carpets the Dhurrie rugs are also a little more on the economical side, and do not have a huge impact on your pockets when it comes to spending money. For its traditional roots, while designing a Dhurrie, traditional designers usually use geometric, or intricately striped designs. However, in recent decades the practice has changed. Contemporary designers experiment creatively with the furnishings as they create florals, chevrons, medallions and squares on the rug. This exquisiteness in the designs provides a space with a bohemian ambience.

Furthermore, the rugs are great for households that struggle with maintaining their furnishing due to young troublemakers, or pets, or visitors in the home. Easing the problem of maintenance, the Dhurrie rugs are an ideal choice for homes where the furnishings get soiled easily and require recurring cleaning sessions. Additionally, their weaving technique allows both sides to be patterned, making it a reversible furnishing accent. Therefore, even if one side of your rug gets soiled, it can simply be flipped, which can provide home owners with a cleaner and fresher look.

Being a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional designs, a Dhurrie can be used either as a floor covering, or as a nice bohemian floor seating. For its multifunctional approach, affordability, ease of maintenance and lightweight material, a Dhurrie has popularized itself worldwide as a leading form of rug. In addition to its utilitarian properties, a handcrafted Dhurrie is great if you are trying to incorporate sustainability to your lifestyle. Since it is hand woven, reversible, and durable, a Dhurrie can last for years, which makes it ideal to stand the test of time and environment.

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