Sorry To Pull the Carpet From Underneath Your Feet, But A Rug Is Not A Carpet And Vice Versa

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However, if you did not know this fact until now, it’s okay. It is a common misconception that a rugs and carpets are both same things but if you look closely (and read this blog ahead) you will find that the two furnishing accents have a distinctive approach than the other. There are several instances where a rug might not work for your home as well as a carpet would, and the same things applies to a carpet. Every house's base is its flooring. We walk, sit, and even sleep on the floor. Our feet are almost constantly on the floor. As a result, the first thing that springs to mind when looking for décor is the floor. A gorgeous rug or carpet may make the area feel more inviting and pleasant. Therefore, determining which one is ideal for your home is task that requires research. If you are wondering what exactly these differences and details are, well, you have stumbled upon just the blog!

1) Size

    A carpet can be described as a floor covering that touches all the corners of the room, making it a wall-to-wall floor covering. On the other hand, a rug is smaller in size and is usually added as a statement piece to any room to enhance the design appeal of a carpet and the furniture setting of the room.

    2) Fabric and material.

      Carpets are typically made with two layers of material, making them thicker than rugs. They are frequently rather large and maintain the structure of the floor covering. The second layer can be a heavy-duty fabric such as canvas or a rubber-based layer that prevents friction.

      A rug, on the other hand, is usually constructed with a single layer, making it lighter than a carpet.

      3) Installation

        Due to it heavy weight, large size and thick material, installing a carpet can often be a tedious task, and is best if attempted by a professional. Additionally, since some of the carpets are installed by using different flooring glues, one might not know how to remove or shift it from one place to another.

        Installing or relocating a rug usually does not require professional assistance due to its lightweight and smaller size. You can easily just lift it and move it to another room as per your requirement.

        4) Cost to clean

          As discussed above, carpets are larger in size and can be heavier in weight which makes it almost impossible to clean them at home. if your carpet gets dirty over a certain period, you will have to get it removed which may involve getting professional help (if glued to the floor) and you will also have to take it for cleaning to a professional carpet cleaners who compared to rugs, usually charge higher amounts depending upon the finish and construction of your carpet.

          It is, however, more economical to clean a rug as it can be easily washed in a washing machine or be sent to a dry cleaner who will clean your rug at an affordable price.

          1. Care and maintenance.
          It is not possible to clean a carpet in a washing machine as they are usually cleaned by hands, or professional equipment. Rugs on the other hand are simple to clean and dry. As a result, the expense of maintaining a Rug is substantially lower than that of a Carpet. If you have children or pets in the house, a Rug is certainly the way to go!