Caring for your Handmade Carpets – Quick Tips

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While carpets are one of your best options to add life to your home, the thoughts around carpet maintenance can make it a hard choice for you to invest in one. Especially so, if you have kids, pets or you live in a place where the weather is rather warm or you battle dust more often than you would like.

So here we are, trying to bridge the gap between your desire to own a hand woven masterpiece and the barriers that stop you from owning one.

Tips to help you keep your carpet in perfect shape:

  • Stain not, repent not! And since that’s nearly impossible in a thriving household, the first thing you should do is to try and let the stain not age. For a liquid spill, immediately blot it using a paper towel or a piece of white fabric. Stay away from materials that are not colorfast.

Hack: Use a wet wipe instead of a paper towel as wet wipes don’t fragment when rubbed against a surface.

  • Keep the dust at bay: City life and dust go hand in hand, so keeping the dust at bay is an important part of keeping your carpet clean and sparkling. We vouch for a daily round of vacuum cleaning. You have no idea how simple and quick that is, if you own a handy yet powerful vacuum cleaner. Even if you can’t keep up with the daily routine, do it on an alternate day basis.

Hack: Look for a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner instead of the yesteryear ones with a million attachments.

  • Indents. What are they?: Carpets in our living rooms or bedrooms are often not left alone and we love pushing them under furniture for the perfect look. This may lead to indent marks which can be easily reversed by spraying some water on the affected area. The moisture will help revive the carpet pile almost instantly.

Hack: Rub an ice-cube on the affected area gently and allow it to melt, just a little. A lower water temperature does the job better than water at room temperature.

  • Get the professionals on board: While you do all of the above on a regular basis to keep your carpet in the pink of its health, allow a professional to come in and take over for a deep cleaning job, once every 3 months. Consider this a spa for your carpet which will keep it rejuvenated for the years to come.

Hack: Hire a professional cleaner that uses organic or natural cleaning agents. This will help the natural dyes and materials retain its vigor all the more.