Can Rugs Semblance Your Room to Look Spacious? Yes, They Can!

Obeetee Yamchi Hand Knotted Rug 

Modern homes are compact spaces that can easily look cluttered. You can make the most out of these small rooms in your home by arranging the decor ingeniously. Color theories, pattern effects, and space illusions — the art of interior aesthetics might seem intimidating at first, but this blog will be your bible.

You can come up with a way to fit in all of your stuff in the smallest wardrobes and shelves, but your room could still look cramped. The reason? Simply, you’re missing out on one thing — accessories!

Room accessories like rugs, paintings, and mirrors are what make or break the “Illusion of Space” of a room. While you might think that smaller the better is a valid theory to go for, it is incorrect when it comes to rugs. A common mistake when it comes to picking out a rug for small spaces is choosing one that is too tiny or too big. If it’s too small it appears to float randomly in the room, while one that is too big diminishes floor space.

A bit overwhelming already? Don’t worry. In this article, we will jot down everything you need to know about adorning your floor space and tricking the eye to make your rooms look spacious as ever, with carpets!

Stipulate Your Rug’s Size

To make a space appear bigger, it is important to come in accord with the size of your rug. There are usually two types of floor coverings, the first being Broadloom Rugs while the other is Area Rugs.

  • Broadloom Rugs

These rugs extend from one end to the other of your room and bring an endless effect to the appearance of the area. Broadloom carpets give a sense of continuity to the floor space that smaller rugs cannot. Rugs that break this continuity can sometimes make your room look cluttered and busy.

When you lay our handmade broadloom rugs, you not only expand the space but also add warmth, coziness, and depth to the space. Let’s say you wish to redo your favorite corner into a cute space for indulging in reading or anything creative that you wish to do. Your first step here will be to measure the size of the given area, then select your favorite rug, let's say Abstract Leaf Rug and order it for the required size. You can then proceed to style the space with low seating, subtle planters, and a shelf or side table for your desired things.

  • Area Rugs

These are rugs that are meant to highlight a specific area as per your liking. Unlike the broadloom rug, area rugs emphasize a smaller part of the room. Some common mistakes that happen while picking area rugs are either adding too many small area rugs for one room or selecting the rug of a size that is incorrect for the particular room. How can you avoid it? Measure the distance at which your furniture is placed and select one size bigger than it. Place all the things on top of the rug or at least place the front legs of the furniture on the edges of the rug.

A quick tip: Treat your rug as a lifeboat in the sea, and your furniture must hang on to it by having at least one arm on it!

Our Contemporary Rugs Range offers you a wide variety of carpets with patterns that will be able to create a focal point in your room while adding up a little extra sass to your space.

Manifest Bigger Space With Adequate Patterns

Rugs are nothing without patterns that are precisely embellished on them. Therefore when selecting your rug you will have to decide the patterns that will compliment your space the best. Usually, it is recommended to use subtle and minimal patterns while making the effort to enhance the space but if you wish to choose bold patterns then we would recommend that you resort to basic or no heavy furniture. So if you lay something like Persiese Hand Knotted Woollen Rug, then you may not worry much about the size and structure of your other amenities. Whereas if you get intrigued by Yamchi Hand Knotted Woollen Rug, then you will have to add nominal things in the space and keep the other elements of your decor mellow.

Colors Can Annex or Eliminate Space

The color palette of every decor plays a major role in enhancing the space of a room. While working on making your room look bigger, picking the right color is a key factor. Tones that are bright and subdued add a breezy aura that helps in reducing the area constraints giving an illusion of bigger space. Also since light colors merge with their surroundings therefore they effortlessly manipulate the actual size. Let’s say you wish to make your Home Office look spacious. In that case, something like our Shadow Hand-Tufted Rug will be suitable for you. The rug has an intriguing pattern as well as mellow tones perfect for a formal setup that will add an artistic element to your decor while making it look more commodious.

Obeetee Shadow hand Tufted Carpet

Here is all that you need to look out for when selecting a rug to make a room look spacious. But if you still are unsure and need to know more about how to go about it then please feel free to reach out to our designers, the link for which is mentioned on our website. We also provide the service of customizing carpets and if you feel that you know exactly what you want, then we are your people!