Rules for Floor Rugs and How to Break Them

Choosing the correct placement and size of a rug can seem daunting because of the myriad rules you’ll find. If you refer to the rules of interior design, you’ll find contradictory opinions from different designers, and different visions clashing with each other. At times like this, it is important to remember the cardinal rule: it is your home and you should decorate it in a way that brings you joy and peace. Instead of following the rules, it is preferable that you know what the guidelines are and the different ways you can break them and still have a beautiful home.

Place all furniture legs on the rug

One of the most popular rules for rug placement is to have all the furniture legs sit neatly on the rug. You might have a room that’s too big to follow this rule, or a rug with an intricate patterned edge that will be covered by your furniture legs. In that case, place the rug in the centre of your seating area, so the rug’s beauty is fully on display and unmarred by furniture.

Place no furniture legs on the rug

Many designers believe that placing furniture legs on a rug ruins its texture and aesthetic, so a rug should always be placed in a way that it is visible in its entirety. However, just like the previous instance, this rule should only be applied depending on your space and choice of rug. A rug with a patterned edge should be left visible with no furniture legs on it, but a rug with a consistent pattern throughout can have furniture legs on its surface.

Leave a gap of at least 18 inches between the rug and the wall

With large rooms, a standard rule to follow is to leave 18 inches of bare floor around the rug, but not one that should be followed with a medium-sized or small room. However, you can still achieve the neat look this style affords a room with by simply leaving an equal space between the rug’s edge and all the walls.

Extend the rug up to 18 inches around your bed

When you place a rug under your bed, letting it extend 18 inches creates a balanced look creating clean lines and a sense of equilibrium. If you can’t do this because your room is too small or your rug is, let the extending edges of the rug be equal-sized throughout. If your room décor doesn’t allow for this either, place a rectangular rug at the foot of your bed in the exact same dimensions to create the same neat lines.