Know more about Gypsy Oasis Collection by Obeetee

The beauty of the olden days lies in its immemorial traditions, artefacts, architecture and culture. These illustrious reminiscent of the past are a window to a time when we were not forced to make every second count —a time earmarked with elements of unadulterated joy, glory, freedom, and internal peace.

As a resident of the modern era, where time is fleeting and copious responsibilities are looming, how does one find such an escape? It is simple; we seek it. We seek it as if a gypsy seeks an oasis in the middle of a desert.

To help you find your idyllic sanctum, we present to you, Obeetee Carpet’s Gypsy Oasis Collection.

At Obeetee Carpets, we appreciate slow commerce. In the world of impersonal automation, we take pride in weaving all our carpets by hand. Every stitch made by our in-house handpicked community of weavers is part of our collective testimony of perfection.

Gypsy Oasis Collection Carpet

Be it your living room or your office, our carefully fabricated carpets can transform any sombre space into one that soothes you at the end of a tiring day. Inspired by exotic Ottoman patterns, The Gypsy Oasis Collection is infused with seminal ideas spanning over a century coupled with a touch of modern brilliance. Our carpets embody individualism to celebrate the pursuit of your inner-self.

Obeetee Gypsy Oasis Carpet

Therefore, whether you are a poet, an artisan, or a person fighting corporate wars every day, our Gypsy Oasis Collection is the perfect escape for you. For a discerning gypsy soul, we bring vibrant colours and hues woven into intricate patterns. Our Gypsy Oasis Collection can turn any ordinary living-room floor into a canvas that paints the essence of the free spirit.

Therefore, travel through time with a modern interpretation of antique patterns and bring to your home a blissful oasis.