How To Care For Your Silk Rug – Quick Tips

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Silk has always been the hallmark of luxury. Hailing right from the Persian royalty, silk rugs have a significant hold over history. Today, these serve as a collector’s pride or as a symbol of antiquity in modern homes. But one fact still stands strong – the beauty of a silk rugs is unparalleled. Due to the natural sheen of silk and the intricacy of the patterns created with the finely tied knots, people often choose to adorn their walls with a silk rug, instead of treading on it!

If you do decide to purchase a silk rug, you must also treat it as an investment. Silk is a delicate fiber and should be handled with care. Here are some pointers to make your silk rugs last a lifetime.

1. Set it in low traffic areas

To increase the lifespan of your silk rug, make sure to not put it in a busy place in your home. This is because silk, although durable, is sensitive. So, putting it in places that don’t see direct sunlight will help keep the colors intact without fading or damage.

2. Clean it regularly

An essential part of maintaining a silk rug is regular cleaning. But, you don’t have to go all-in, just gently dusting it daily with a soft brush is enough. Do vacuum lightly at least once a week to prevent the accumulation of debris and dust. Note that the brush roll setting on the vacuum must not be used because it damages the texture of the rug. Also, et the vacuum on low to prevent excessive pressure on the fibers.

3. Do not use harsh substances on the silk rug

In case of staining or soiling, wash the rug as soon as possible with water at a normal room temperature to keep it from permanent stains. Using hot water may lead to shrinkage, resulting in the wear and tear of the fibers of the silk rug. Also, avoid using harsh detergents, bleach, and the like, because it causes the silk fibers to lose their color very fast.

4. Avoid stretching the rug

Using excess force on the rug, like stretching it or pulling it from underneath furniture abruptly, will cause the closely-knit bonds between the silk fibers to break. The knots and weaves of the rug might come loose, and the rug might lose its overall strength because of it.

5. Look for occasional professional cleaning

Regularly cleaning the rug will help maintain your silk rug for the most part. But, in the case of the stains not washing out, or if your rug has lost its original shine and color, you can consider booking a cleaning appointment with a rug professional. Professionals pay attention to all the factors of rug care to maintain the beauty, grace, and quality of your silk rug.

We hope these were enough reasons for you to invest in a silk rug. And we hope that next time you’re on the lookout for a silk rug online or in-store, you select like a pro!

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