Why Homeowners Choose Silk Rugs? 3 Reasons You Should Get One

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Silk has always been the hallmark of luxury. Hailing right from the Persian royalty, silk rugs have a significant hold over history. Today, these serve as a collector’s pride or as a symbol of antiquity in modern homes. But one fact still stands strong – the beauty of a silk rugs is unparalleled. Due to the natural sheen of silk and the intricacy of the patterns created with the finely tied knots, people often choose to adorn their walls with a silk rug, instead of treading on it!

There are several kinds of silk rugs - Qum, Tabriz, Nain, and Isfahan rugs, each with its own unique way of leaving people mesmerized with its texture and design. Some silk rugs are so lasting that they are passed down generations, as an heirloom. Of course, if you aren't convinced yet, we will give you just the right reasons:

Why Buy Silk Rugs

  • It Visibly Stands Out

Silk is naturally lustrous thanks to the prism-like structure of the fibres. But after the dyeing procedures, it’s surface attains a gleaming finish that further enhances the depth of the colours. Since silk is an expensive material to create rugs from, it is not as widely used as wool, but the weavers who work with silk go to great lengths to make sure that their creations are nothing less than magnificent. So now, when you choose to buy a silk rug, you are definitely making a statement!

  • Rugs Made of Pure Silk Last Decades

Handcrafted rugs made from natural silk are long-lasting investments for your home as they can stay with you for almost 3 decades without a scratch on them. Artificial silk rugs might wear out over time, but genuine silk is always durable and strong enough to withstand the test of time. With a tensile strength that surpasses the tensile strength of nylon, which is considered to be a strong, durable material in itself, your authentic silk rugs become even more valuable as it ages, provided that they’re maintained with care.

  • Silk Rugs Help Green Practices

Silk is known to be the most beautiful and also the most environmentally sustainable fabric. Silk fibers are acquired naturally through cocoons of silkworms and are completely biodegradable. There are no chemicals involved in the manufacturing or sourcing of silk rugs, and the production process is time-consuming. These factors have an impact on the cost of natural silk rugs thus making them more expensive than their viscose or rayon peers.

How To Buy A Silk Rug

Silk rugs can be purchased online or in-person through brick-and-mortar stores. Finding an authentic silk rug retailer is tough though. Even though you can actually feel the material in person, there is very less possibility of guessing the actual material used. This is because a lot of stores exist that promise pure silk rugs and quote high prices, but end up duping the customers with artificial ones. We suggest buying a silk rug from a trusted source only, with adequate research. At Obeetee, we always maintain authenticity and keep our word for providing our customers with the finest quality of products.

A pro tip: Usually the thinner the pile is and the higher the knot count per square inch is, the more valuable is the silk rug. Experts claim that a high-quality authentic silk rug should have between 200 and 500 knots per square inch and a fringe. It should always be made of the same material. Do take these factors into account before purchasing a silk rug.

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