Children’s Room Décor – The Basics

As mothers we often (read always) go over board when it comes to our kids. ‘Finicky mothers’ is a legit term that we hardly ever shy away from when labelled as such. And being a mother to an adorable pair of twins, this stands tall and true for me as well. Be it their diet, their clothes, their hair brush or their room décor – I like all other mothers on the block, am a tough nut to crack.

It was just one of these days when I entered the room I have designated for my boys. I tripped over a toy and fell straight on my face. I picked my bruised self, up, and looked around – Lo and behold. Little did I realize that my children’s room looked nothing short of a scattered play yard. Since, they were born, I was so consumed with the task of raising them, that it had not occurred to me that I should create a space for them which is just as special as they are. Hence “Project Kids Room Renovation” was born. My “finicky mom” alter ego refused to entrust the job with a professional interior designer. And there I was donning another hat. What seemed like a never ending task was painstakingly completed in 2 months and involved a long list of learning and unlearning. So, here’s a humble attempt to help the many other moms, in the same boat, to get their kids rooms right without having to toil as much as I did:

Select a Theme:

First things first. Set a theme for the room. This ensures that you have put the bible in place and you can source your furniture and other accessories accordingly. I have always wanted my children to learn the importance of self-worth and I thought the introduction of monograms would be the first step. This essentially meant that I would go on to custom create furniture and accessories with initials of the boy’s names wherever possible without making it too jarring.

Declutter / Minimalist approach:

Kids need open spaces for their creativity to bloom. So while designing the room for my boys, I had to take a minimalist approach, as should all of you. A decluttered and minimalistic room not just addresses the ‘need for space’ topic, it also minimizes the myriad instances of falls and bumps.

Select the right furniture:

The market today, is flooded with an array of the cute bunk beds (incase the room is meant to be used by two children) or beds that are shaped as cars or animals. But I genuinely feel that kids outgrow furniture just as fast as they outgrow their clothes (well, not really but the pace is quite something). So I sourced adjustable furniture which could grow with the kids and not leave me with a renovation task in just another couple of years.

Accessories that can make or break:

While everything I have written above is extremely important, I learnt that the finishing touch comes from the accessories. A wrong accessory could really put the rest of your hard work on the back foot. So while selecting the perfect accessories, there was one, which absolutely stood out for me both aesthetically and functionally – it was the carpet. I would say, that you could live without a wall paper in the room, but a good quality carpet specially made for kids is imperative. While buying one, make sure you research about the brand that you are buying from, because a good carpet brand will not just ensure the best designs but also give you the peace of mind with respect to quality. Pay special attention to the material used to make the carpet you choose. Carpets, come in very handy when you want to add some color and patterns to your child’s room and also create a fall proof environment. In sync with my monogram theme, I bought a customized carpet from the First Badge Collection of Obeetee Carpets.

So if you have been thinking of undertaking a renovation project for your child’s room and have not started it yet because you didn’t know where to start from, this should come in handy.

You can thank me later 
An Obeetee Mom