Our Legacy

Legacy: A five letter word which is used by people, brands, and companies to market themselves in the ever flowing wave of consumerism. However, only a few actually live up to it. Is it solely about how long someone has lived or how long an organisation has existed? That's a common enough assumption to know you're not alone. Most of us assume that a person's or a company's legacy is directly proportionate to its longevity of the former. But if it were only a matter of chronology, then why would so few individuals and institutions be given the label? Obviously, time isn't everything. Legacy is a story about all the wonderful things they did in their lifetime and left behind. It's about what they've done, what they've started, and what they've given back to the community.


When we talk about Obeetee’s 100 year old legacy of crafting the most exquisite carpets for the world, we don’t just mean being in the industry for a century. When we say legacy we mean how an establishment in a pre-independent India stands firm in a post independent era. How each and every rug is made with that internal sense of struggle and freedom in the heart of every craftsperson? What makes our rugs different from all the rugs that one sees in the market today? And the most important fact of all facts, how it all started.

1) The genesis of Obeetee

Obeetee, established in 1920, is not only one of the oldest but also the largest hand-woven rug companies in India and the globe. For more than a century, our name has stood for the highest standards of quality and innovation in the handmade rug industry. With a century of experience behind us, we hope to breathe new energy into every house and produce new breakthroughs in the fields of art and design.

We are proud to have over 25,000 skilled artisans contributing to the production of our unique rugs.

We stay connected with weavers from seven surrounding villages from our headquarters in Mirzapur through production officers that visit each loom at least once every fortnight. We believe that more than the final product, it’s the hands that created it that hold the primary importance. With help of our skilled crafters, our platform showcases a wide array of hand tufted and knotted carpets. Each of these furnishings are designed by experienced designers, keeping in mind the trends and preferences of the modern consumer. These designs are then brought to life by the hands of our seasoned craftsmen.

2) The Obeetee time line & milestones

Having a brand recognised by the nation's highest institutions is the highest honour a company can obtain. This honour came to us in the form of an invitation to display two of our rugs at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

We also believe that creativity blossoms with solidarity. In order to put this principle into practise, we are always looking to form partnerships with other professionals who share our enthusiasm and dedication. That's why we named our most exclusive collection "Proud to be Indian"; it embodies what we stand for and how we envision taking our venture forward. Including our most recent and extremely special collaboration with the legendary designer JJ Valaya, the collection has featured the work of five of the world's most notable designers: Tarun Tahiliani, Abraham and Thakore, Raghavendra Rathore, Shantanu and Niklil, and JJ Valaya.

Additionally, we recognise the significance of incorporating world-class production technologies into our organisation in a sustainable manner. Our factories boast the most advanced in-house rug-making facilities in all of India, as well as the most advanced and water-efficient rug-dyeing technologies in the world.

More than four thousand colorfast wool hues are stored in our warehouse, and we regularly implement new textures and designs to bring our customers the highest quality carpets possible. As a worldwide business, we are aware of the importance of social responsibility, and we have made it a priority to give back to the world around us in a variety of ways. We are an organisation that is truly "by the people, of the people, and for the people," as seen by the many causes we support, from youth and women's education and empowerment to public health and sanitation to environmental protection.

3) Obeetee today.

We know that every homeowner places a premium on quality. Because of this, we make all of our rugs by hand utilising a wide variety of weaving methods. One can discover everything from hand tufted rugs to hand knotted carpets to hand woven dhurries on our website or in our store outlet. It's simple for any company to open a factory and mass-produce their furniture for profit. But it's undeniable that firms' product quality suffers when mass production limits their ability to pay attention to details. Avoiding this, we have been consistently crafting the most exquisite and durable rugs for homeowners who wish to bring a unique aesthetic appeal to their décor, for years to come. Ensuring that our rugs are not only great in design but also quality we use the best of techniques and materials to craft rugs that last for years, staying true to our legacy. These remarkable techniques ensure that the quality of an Obeetee rug is maintained. In addition, our designers work closely with our craftspeople to create the most unique designs for every homeowner. Ranging from traditional, to contemporary to a fusion of both, we offer something to every homeowner.

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