How to Use Rugs to Make Your Home Look And Feel Cosier

The first thing that we notice when we enter somebody’s home is the scent of its ambiance. Every home has a distinct smell. Every time we enter a friend’s or a loved one’s house we get whiff of this new and unique scent of a home. This odour gives us a sense of events that have been taking place in a home. For instance, it could be the smell of the grilled cheese that your host cooked for you, or perhaps to create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere they turned on the diffuser that smells like fresh roses.

rugs to make your home look and feel cosier

Regardless, the importance of odour here is that it gives you a sense of atmosphere you have stepped inside. The particular scent that you get when you first enter a home is most often what gives away the ambiance its owner wants to create.

As a homeowner, you should focus on what kind of aura you create in your home so as to make those you invite over, feel welcomed.

In this light of creating the most perfect ambiance, the second thing to focus on is, without a doubt, the way the floor has been kept. While you may not realise it at first, absence of a rug would not make your guest feel as welcomed as they would if there was a rug placed underneath the furniture. A rug can instantly create a more relaxed atmosphere, where you feel more comfortable to just chat with your friends and family. Additionally, it gives you an impression that the home has an organised décor which further adds to its cleanliness. Now, while smell is something totally subjective and can be easily taken care of with a mild room freshener, the floor is something that you need to place a careful eye on. You cannot just pick the first rug that you see in the market because a rug needs to align perfectly well with the furniture, the wall, and your own persona.

Listed below are a few ways you can create a cosy ambiance in your home using a rug, so the next time someone steps inside your abode, they can feel the beautiful familiarity with your home.

1) Cover up your floor

Winter season is right around the corner. This means that as the days pass by, the floor is only going to get chillier. To avoid the discomfort of getting your feet cold, covering up your floor with a rug could literally make your days easier and better. In addition, a wall to wall rug can actually cuts out the unnecessary outdoor noise and minimises echo in your space thereby making it appear quieter and cosier.

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2) Layering

How much layering is too much layering? Well, it is all about how much character you want to add to your space. Layering is the art of using multiple rugs with different patterns and colour schemes to enhance the aesthetics of your space. Layering works best if you add patterned rugs on top of a single solid rug. This makes your base rug act like a canvas and the patterned rugs on top of it as elements that define the designated area.

3) Outdoor furnishing

Houses with a large outside space, such as a balcony, verandah, or garden, where most people like to relax and sip on their warm cup of tea or coffee with their loved ones, placing a rug in such spaces can make your home like a cosy abode throughout the year.

You can layer it up with, utilising cushions, or use rugs as a throw to give an exclusive and warm effect to your space. Outdoor rugs make a significant influence in the overall atmosphere of the home.

4) Experiment with colours

Colours have the ability to lift up the ambiance and our spirits alike as they bring more movement to a space. A splash of colour add more character to our space, making the most silent areas look busier. Depending upon what your colour and style preferences are, you can either opt for neutral tones, or go for vibrant ones.

If you feel inspired to give your home a slight makeover after reading this blog, check out our website or other blogs about choosing the perfect rug for your home for different requirements.