5 Tips for Choosing the Best Carpets This Winter

As October comes to an end passing the baton to the chilly November days, we know it’s time to get cosy. Now is the time when we need to explore the Narnia of our closets and take out all the winter essentials out of it ranging from fluffy socks, to furry coats, to the most important part of winters, the warm and plush rugs. Nobody likes their feet getting cold on chilly winter mornings, and placing a beautiful, plush rug in your home is just the way to avoid that. While it is true that a rug is a perfect winter essential for your home, it is also a great accent for really bringing out the true character of your home. When looking for a perfect carpet for your home for the winter season, you really want to place a keen eye on a couple of things such as the colour, the vibe you’re going for, the pile and so much more.

Best Carpets This Winter

In the spirit of making our winters joyous and cosy, let us look at a few tips and tricks you can use to choose the perfect carpet for your home, this winter season.

1) Material

Material absolutely tops the list when we talk about winter carpets. Rugs come in a variety of materials, and all of them could appeal differently to you. While your personal sense of style should drive your decision of selecting the right material, the requirement for the season is also not something that should be overlooked. For example, carpets crafted with jute are durable and easy to handle, but it will not prove to be the best choice for winters as the material will not fulfil your need for warmth in the ambiance. On the other hand, wool, is the best option for winters as it feels extremely soft on the skin and provides your feet with the much needed warmth. Additionally, you can also go for hand knotted silk rugs if you wish to get something durable and season friendly for your home.

2) Colour

We seldom have visits from the sun in the winter season. The weather is usually rather gloomy, with minimal light entering our homes. Therefore, when selecting the rug for your home, you should pick the colour wisely. Consider the amount of light that enters in each room and according to that choose what colour of carpet you want to acquire for your home. If your living room gets adequate light during the day, you can easily opt for neutral tones to match the walls of your space. However, if you’re about to get a rug for a dimly lit area, a pop of colour with a vibrant rug can really help create a sense of personalisation and character to your space.

3) Texture

Carpets tend to have different types of textures. Each texture has different type of cut, and thus feels completely different on the skin. A thinner pile works best in the summer season as we want to minimise the heat, while giving our ambiance a touch of elegance. However, in winters, it is absolutely crucial that we go for thicker piles as they keep our feet and the atmosphere warm and cosy. This is especially true for Indian homeowners, as a centralised heating system isn’t usually present in Indian homes. Therefore, a warm, plush, and fluff pile can make winters all the more cuddly. You can check out the Carl-b woollen hand tufted woollen rug which has a thick and soft pile with a beautiful floral canvas with pinkish beige as its primary colour, or even take a quick website tour to explore many more of our magnificent carpets.

4) Size

Adorning your home with a carpet is all about your sense of style and utility. In summers we do not usually need to cover a lot of foot space for two reasons: a) because wall to wall carpeting or large sized rugs are usually placed in colder and larger rooms. b) You don’t really need to feel warm all the time since the weather is warm. In winters, on the other hand, you want to cover as much area as you can while keeping the aesthetics intact. If you think the wall to wall carpeting will make your space look monotonous, you can try layering it with 2 or 3 rugs as per your style preferences, adding more depth and warmth to your space.

5) Do not underestimate the power of customisation

Bespoke rugs sure take time to construct, especially in our case as all our rugs are crafted by hands, but the end result can be truly mesmerising. As you get exactly what you pictured for your home. A Hand knotted rug can take anywhere from 3-9 months to craft depending upon the complexity of design and material. A hand tufted rug on the other hand, can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to craft depending upon its size, style, and material. At Obeetee Carpet, you can also find flatweaves, i.e. hand woven Dhurries, if you like thinner piles and low maintenance which fit mostly the warmer seasons.