Top 5 Handmade Rugs Every Home Needs

Whether you’re just starting out as a home décor enthusiast, or you’ve been on the quest for a long time, floor furnishing is something none of us can simply ignore. The reason for this is that a floor furnishing accent, be it a hand knotted rug, a hand tufted runner, or a handwoven Dhurrie, an addition of a beautiful canvas to the floor can instantly make your space look like a true work of art. The best thing about placing any type of a rug in your home is that you can simply make your home feel more like you, which help lift up yours and spirits of everyone in your home. To bring a comfortable and cosy vibe to your home, we suggest only going for handmade rugs, for their myriad of characteristics that make them well suited for every home. Read on to know more about these characteristics as we list the top 5 handmade rugs that every home needs.

Handmade Rugs

1) Hand knotted rug

Hand woven rugs are made by skilled artists who learned their trade from their forebears. These knots created by these artisans make the rug incredibly robust and durable. Handmaderugs are created by making one knot every square inch. An average hand knotted Obeetee rug can contain up to 2 million knots, and it can take anywhere from eight to nine months to complete depending on the style and complexity of the motifs and patterns. Furthermore, a hand knotted rug goes through several stages before it is finished. One can look at the back of the rug to determine if it is knotted. Since a great deal of hardwork, attention, and precision is involved in the making of these rugs, they last a long time in a home, and make you feel at comfort and peace with their premium quality materials.

2) Hand tufted rug

Hand-tufted carpets have a simpler manufacturing technique than hand-knotted rugs. A hand-tufted carpet begins with a stretched canvas on a frame; a tufting tool is then used to punch yarn strands into the canvas while following the design map (Naksha). The procedure requires less technique, time, and labour than hand-knotted carpets. Thus these carpets, tend to be considerably more economical than a hand knotted carpet while having a similar sheen as that of a hand knotted carpet. The simplest way to recognise a hand-tufted rug is to look at the scrim backing on the back. Hand tufted rugs are durable, elegant, and come in a variety of styles and designs which you can explore on our website.

3) Handwoven Dhurrie

A Dhurrie is a flat-woven rug that was traditionally used and made in India. Based on its size and material, Dhurrie rugs were utilised as bedding, packaging, or furnishing, taking a different approach than a standard area rug.

These Rugs are suitable for individuals and homeowners who want to achieve a minimalistic home décor atmosphere with less effort. Dhurrie rugs are also less expensive than hand knotted or hand tufted rugs and carpets, and do not have a large impact on your wallet when it involves spending money. Traditional designers usually use geometric or delicately striped designs while designing a Dhurrie for its traditional heritage.

However, the practise has shifted in recent decades. Contemporary designers play with furnishings by creating florals, chevrons, medallions, and squares on the rugs. The exquisiteness of the designs creates a bohemian atmosphere in the space.

4) Round hand knotted rug

When working on smaller areas, designers frequently choose round carpets. This is because the curves of a circular rug immediately cause our eyes to sweep the corners of the room, giving our brain the impression that the area is larger than it looks. If you have a single or double room apartment with cluttered furnishings, round rugs might be a great accent or furnishing piece to make a smaller room feel larger.

Additionally, round rugs are perfect if you wish to create a personal zone in your home just for those extra reading sessions, or tea sessions.

5) Hand knotted or tufted runner rug

Runner rugs are typically longer than they are wide. Furthermore, they are designed to enhance the aesthetics of a certain space in a home. To assess whether a runner rug would look nice in a certain room, examine all of the areas with a lot of physical movement. Because these locations see a lot of activity, a runner rug would look great in your home's hallway or entrance. Placing a runner rug in high foot traffic areas can quickly improve the environment of your home. A runner rug serves as the perfect adornment for spaces that have a rectangular architectural dimensions, and are also great for layering purposes. Therefore, your home should definitely have one of these if you wish to add a little more depth to your home.

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