Why is Handmade Rugs Preferred over Machine Made Rugs?

Handmade | Handcrafted | Hand curated. In the 21st century, we hear these words almost every time we go on a market hunt. Be it under the lifestyle, jewellery, or home décor industry, these words are often trending, mainly because of the human value that they carry. The feeling of something crafted with one’s own hands is something us being emotional beings are naturally drawn towards. And well, as special as it sounds, it also has been overused by many brands. The consumer, who is naïve and has absolutely no way to find out whether a product they are planning to buy is originally handcrafted or not, ends up believing these clever marketing strategies.

handmade rugs

At Obeetee carpets, when we say our rugs are handcrafted, what we really mean to say is that our rugs are hand knotted, hand tufted, and handwoven. We’re understatedly telling you, that every purchase you make with us is part of a much larger impact you create on the livelihood of our artisans. And finally, once you’ve heard us, if you think we still don’t live up to our words, you can visit our store, flip our carpet, look at its backside, and count the beautiful knots at the back any carefully hand knotted carpet.

Each of this knot is tied by skilled artisans, who for generations have kept the craft of hand knotting alive with their learned skills alone. These rugs, crafted so magnificently do not just adorn your homes with their intricate designs, but also bring a story, legacy, and tradition of craft to the heart of your home.

This true, pure essence is something that comes straight from the hands of a weaver, not any machine, and not any technology. This is solely a relationship of human with craft that births a beautiful artefact such as our handmade rugs.

While this pure sentiment is what makes the handmade rugs so special, and widely preferred, they also have some other prominent benefits that you as a homeowner cannot overlook.

1) Quality

An average hand knotted carpet can take anywhere from 3-9 months, depending upon the intricacy of its design. On the other hand knotted and handwoven can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending upon the design and material. When you buy a handmade rug, you'll get one of the highest possible quality. Handmade carpets include fine, delicate stitching and sewing. The weavers make sure that their creations are of the highest calibre and have a lengthy shelf life. This high quality is what ultimately determines the cost of a rug.

2) Intricacy of design and texture

Most buyers give careful consideration to the texture and design while choosing carpets. If you place a keen eye on these characteristics of a rug, a handmade rug could be a perfect choice for you. The designs of a handmade rugs are more detailed and intricate because of the attention and care with which an artisan creates the rugs. This coshows when you place the rug in your home as it looks like a true work of art. To feel the texture, you can actually touch the material that the rug is crafted with. You can also tell if a handmade rug is made of wool because of the way it feels.

3) Sustainable alternative

Handmade carpets are more sustainable than their other counterparts. They are entirely constructed of natural materials like cotton, wool, or silk.  Even the colours are made from natural resources like plant pieces and other components. Additionally, we ensure that no effluents are discharged into the environment.

From start to finish, the procedure is clean and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, because these Obeetee rugs are so durable, there is no need to replace them with new ones, which does not add to the waste.