Minimalist Edit for Modern Homes

Design, whether it is in fashion, architecture, or home décor, is always a form of expression. Design represents best the preferences of the person who is using it to express themselves through the world. Oftentimes, design styles are either derived from existing elements of nature, or created based on a person’s subjective form of expression, or inspired by something that he has witnessed. One such style which emerged as a lifestyle first, and then later got incorporated into art and design is Minimalism. Minimalism is way of life that teaches individuals to be feel satisfied with the things that they require to lead a healthy lifestyle. It teaches individuals to be free of any materialistic wants, with only accumulating things that are essential to their wellbeing. However, in the recent years, design connoisseurs have begun to incorporate the basics of minimalism to their art and design schemes, and it has been majorly evident in the recent styles of home décor.

Minimalism in home décor

Light, shape, and high-quality materials are the three mainstays of modern interior design, used by professionals to evoke a feeling of liberation and calm. The uncluttered, monochromatic, and pristine appearance of minimalist interiors is immediately makes one feel at peace, as a sensation of visual tranquilly is achieved by the elimination of visual clutter.

If you are someone who wishes to create such an ambiance to your home space, we suggest that you select your rugs carefully. A rug, being a critical furnishing accent, is what sets the base for your entire home’s ambience. Therefore, everything from design to material to texture should be analysed properly before you decide to get the perfect minimalistic rug for your home.

Having been in the rug manufacturing industry for over a century, we understand how crucial it is for homeowners to create a space in their home where they find solace. To help create such a peaceful atmosphere, we have picked the best rugs from our minimalist edit collection of hand knotted and hand tufted rugs, so you can pick the perfect rug for your home.

1. Vihana Hand Knotted Woollen Rug

Minimalistic design schemes are often about neutral colours and understated design elements. The Vihana rug, with its single colour pallet of a marvellous grey shade, depicts just this approach. It is just the right amount of colour for those who like subtlety in their home décor design and colour pallets. Elegant, contemporary patterns hand knotted in the finest wool, this rug brings Indo-Tibetan weaving styles to life. The geometric designs on its soft, yet sturdy canvas make it a perfect floor furnishing for homes where the design aesthetic is clean and minimalist such as a home office or study. Due to its adaptable design scheme, rug works equally well with both patterned as well as neutral walls of any space

2. Anemone Hand Knotted Woollen and Viscose

Abstract patterns go best with a minimalistic style of design. With a twin colour pallet that showcases beautiful beige shades combined with ivory, the Anemone rug is what one may call a contemporary masterpiece. Its soft yet durable pile is crafted using the hand knotting technique with premium quality yarns of wool and viscose which mean it will last a long time in a home. The rug is a child of the Far East, inspired by the delicate beauty of Japanese motifs, making it an extremely unique furnishing accent when it comes to its aesthetic appeal. Since it is a runner rug, it will suit best the areas that tend to have rectangular measurements such as doorways, hallways, or staircases.

3. Desiccade Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

This one is designed for homeowners who like a minimalistic visual appeal to their rugs, but also fancy a pop of colour. The Desiccade rug from the minimalist edit collection is a dreamy rug that showcases marvellous shades of blue with a splash of rustic shades. Hand tufted to perfection using the best quality yarns of cotton and wool, this rug is inspired by modern art and its surface resembles the abstract brushstrokes of an Impressionist painter of yore. It truly showcases the brilliance of the craftspeople at Obeetee who with their artistry ensure that the rug lasts, and its designs remain in place for years to come. In addition, with Obeetee’s festive sale of up to 40% off, you can bring home this remarkable rug at an extremely reasonable price.

4. Rumi Hand Tufted Woollen and Viscose Rug

With its triple colour pallet of ivory, grey, and cyan blue, the Rumi rug instantly adds freshness to your home space. It is designed for minimalists who do not prefer their spaces looking too heavy on patterns but still like a bit of a movement in their décor aesthetic. The hand-tufted Rumi rug from the minimalist edit collection is crafted with premium quality yarns of wool and viscose, making it extremely durable thereby living up to its value for money factor. This rug in soft grey has an intentional watercolour effect that makes it a very interesting piece of handcrafted rug to possess. To work it best with your interior, place the rug in a space where the furniture and walls are of neutral colour tones. This will help create a statement in your space, making it look cleaner yet fashionable.

5. Alicia Hand Knotted Polyester Rug

A simple grey rug with a remarkable texture, the Alicia rug is a perfect furnishing accent to place in modern homes. Crafted using the best yarns of silk and natural wool, the rug stands the test of time allowing you to keep it in your home for years to come. The absence of patterns on the rug makes it a perfect addition to your minimalistic interior décor, while its single colour pallet of grey complements the modern aesthetic of home spaces. To use it best to its utility, we advise that you place it in a space where the walls are patterned or coloured with vibrant tones so that the simplicity of the rug brings a monochromatic character to your modernistic space.

6. Borderr Hand Knotted Silk Rug

 A minimalistic aesthetic does not go heavy on patterns. However, when precise straight stripes or borders are incorporated to the style, it makes your space appear cleaner and uniform. The Borderr rug, with its various shades of grey, brings just this element to your modernistic space. As its name suggests, it showcases 3 borders on its magnificently crafted canvas, all of which are extremely pleasing to the eyes. In addition, rectangular shape shaded with ivory at the centre of this rug goes well with the architecture, as well as the furniture setup of modern spaces. Thanks to the Obeetee’s exclusive festive sale, you can bring home this rug at an unbelievable discount from our website.

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