A Bedroom is not Just a Room

A bedroom is not just a room, it is our Zen space. During most part of the day, we spend our entire time either outside at work, or if we are at home, in the living room. After completing all of our chores and duties of the day, finally we find the time to reflect on the day by spending some much needed time in our cosy, and comfortable bedroom. Since the bedroom is where we spend our leisurely time, it has to be a space which has a refreshing ambiance. The interior of our bedrooms should be just the right amount of colour and warmth, and a rug is an integral part of this entire process of creating the most perfect ambiance for your space. When you get out of bed in the morning, step on the floor of your bedroom, and look forward to beginning a new day, a plush surface can really enliven your mood and make you motivated to start the day on a positive note.

A Bedroom is not Just a Room

Let us understand how you can create this cosy vibe in your bedroom with a rug, and all the things you should consider while choosing the ideal rug for your bedroom.

1) Consider the placement of the rug

There are multiple ways to place a rug in your bedroom. The most preferred way to place a bedroom rug is generally the ‘rug by the bedside’ method. A rug by the bedside is a great way to ensure that your feet receive the much needed soft touch every morning after you wake up. Since usually we always get out of the bed from the side, we can almost never miss out on stepping on the rug on the bedside, and achieving that true sense of comfort. On the other hand, a rug at the end of the bed helps add character to your room, and defines an otherwise floaty furniture i.e. your bed. Another classic way to really bring the whole room together is to place a large rug halfway under your bed. It covers most part of the room where you generally step, protecting your feet from a chilly floor, as well as bind the entire room together.

2) Use smaller rugs to differentiate

Depending upon the size of your room, and its dimensions, you can use a rug to create a separate zone in your room. A bed is not the only place we like to be at all times in our room. Sometimes, we like to simply lounge on a couch in our bedroom and read our favourite book. If you just randomly put a couch or a lounging chair in your bedroom, the furniture might appear cluttered. To avoid this from happening, choose a smaller size rug proportional to the size of your chair or the couch to create a distinctive space in your bedroom. An ideal way to achieve this perfect ambience can be choosing a rug that is similar to the rug that is under your bed in terms of colour, or the design. This will help your room look more uniform and organised.

3) Choose stripes

Stripes are a perfect way to add depth and movement in your room, and impacting the dimensions of your otherwise smaller room. Using stripes in the décor is a standard technique used by architects and interior designers to make a space appear larger. In addition, stripes are minimalistic and precise which will make your bedroom appear a lot cosier and cleaner.

4) Minimalism is the key

Professionals combine light, shape, and high-quality materials as the three foundations of modern interior design to inspire a sense of leisure and peace. The clean, monochromatic, and immaculate aspect of minimalist homes immediately makes one feel at ease, as the absence of visual clutter creates a sense of visual tranquillity.

If you want to create such an atmosphere in your bedroom, we recommend that you go for a minimalistic rug.

5) Consider a runner

A runner rug laid straight on the floor looks extremely stunning. However, if you want to add warmth to your bedroom, you can place a large sized area rug underneath a runner rug to bring out the actual beauty of your runner rug. The larger rug will serve as a foundation, making your rug arrangement seem more organised and you bedroom more pleasant. To create a visually appealing atmosphere, match a solid coloured rug with a patterned runner rug. Alternatively, to fit your décor taste, combine a patterned rug for the base with a minimalistic patterned or plain runner rug.

6) Classic elegance

Traditional carpets that complement the furnishings and décor of the room can make a bedroom appear royal and vintage. A wool and silk rug with traditional designs is the most simple and attractive option that can never go wrong in this case. In addition, colourful Persian carpets are a popular addition to many homes, and they also work great as bedroom rugs! A standard-sized Persian rug works well as a carpet to cover a huge amount of floor area while also adding a wonderful touch of design and colour to the bedroom décor.