Vibrant rugs for the winter vibes

Winters in India, aren’t like winters everywhere else. The Indian winters don’t just begin in a day as you look out the window and it starts snowing. The winters here begin almost as if they still are not ready to leave the hands of fall, say adios to sunny summer days, bid farewell to the sprinkles of monsoon, and not ready to welcome spring just yet because the sadness of it leaving so quickly is unbearable.

Vibrant rugs for the winter vibes

The chilly days only fully begin from the month of December, after just announcing its arrival weeks before. That’s the beauty of the season. The slowness with which it arrives and how quickly it goes by whispering in your ears, “Hey, I’ll see you soon.” Despite this, we love to enjoy the snuggly season with our loved ones at home. To make it cosier, we make a few changes to our home interiors to enjoy the much awaited moments, even If it is just for a few months. This atmosphere can be created in the heart of your home easily if you know the right colours to opt for in the season. Let us help you with this quest as you begin to plan your home décor and read this blog sipping on that delicious cup of hot chocolate.

1) Go for darker shades of beige

Speaking of hot chocolates, how about some dark browns? It’s the perfect colour for the season and creates extra warmth in your space. Additionally, if you’re into oranges that are a little more towards the brown side, you can even opt for the rustic hues for your rugs.

The border hand knotted rug in dark brown colour, is a perfect winter rug for your home. Designed with a minimalistic approach, it is an ideal furnishing accent for homes that have a modern décor setup. What makes this rug a special addition to this list is its capability to go exceptionally well with contemporary and traditional interior setups effortlessly, and instantly. You can explore it on or website to know more about the size availability, and more such vibrant rugs for the winter season.

2) Never miss out on reds

This one goes without saying. With Christmas right around the corner, the importance of bright reds cannot be overlooked. Alternatively, if bright tones of red do not appeal to you, you can always go for maroons if you wish to go darker, or oranges if you prefer lighter tones.

The Triez Hand tufted woollen rug is perfect for your home to match the winter vibes. Inspired by the traditional Oushak and Khotan motifs and merged beautifully with a contemporary design approach, the Treiz Rug rug combines modern with traditional. This contemporary appeal makes this rug an extremely adaptable piece of accent for every home. Since the rug is crafted using premium quality yarns of wool, it feels pleasantly soft on the skin and lasts a long time in your home as well.

Quick tip: you can place the rug in a room that has neutral colour tones to create a uniform effect.

3) Choose the vibrant versions of your favourite pastels

We know some of you are just diehard fans of pastels and it is not your fault, pastels are gorgeous without a doubt. However, pastels are generally good for the spring season for their lighter nature which complements the blooming flowers.

To create the cosy winter vibes in your home, you can choose for darker versions of your favourite pastels. For instance, if lavender is your go to colour, you can go for a rug in a purple tone. On the other hand, if you prefer baby pinks, you can easily go for a rug in a magenta shade. Alternatively, you can get a rug which is a combination of several other pastel shades to add to the vibrancy of your ambiance. The Sunrise-M Hand Tufted Woollen and Viscose Rug is a perfect rug, if this is the ambience you’re going for.

The importance of choosing darker shades of colour in winter comes from the understanding that darker shades tend to absorb more heat, a fundamental essential for the chilly season.

The Varicase- V Hand Knotted Pamir Woollen and Recycled Silk Rug is another rug that is perfect for your home if you want perfect winter rug which combines pastel and vibrant tones.

4) Experiment with layering

If you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working, the best way to create a cosy space in your home is to master the art of layering. Layering is a design trick that designers and homeowners use to add depth and vibrancy to their spaces. The process involves using a solid rug as a base and placing a patterned rug on top of it. Layering can be achieved using the traditional method of placing a single patterned rug on top of a solid wall to wall carpet, or by placing several different coloured rugs to add more character to your space.

To achieve this classic winter look, you can use the Tenzin-B rug as your base rug, and place the Oliver Hand Tufted Woollen Rug on top of it to create your perfect winter home. Since both the rugs are crafted using premium quality yarns of wool and viscose, they will keep both your feet and your home warm. In addition, the layers will add to the heat in your home, and keep you and your loved ones warm through the season.

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