Is Your Carpet In Living Room Still In Vogue?

Most brands have a designated team which forecasts the trends in the market and based on this analysis, the products are designed by the production team. So for the most part of it if you buy a furnishing piecefor your home, chances are you will already be buying something that is in line with the trends. However, we often find ourselves in a situation where we second guess our old furnishing and ask ourselves if it is outdated. How do we determine that it in fact is? The simple answer to this is, go with what appeals to you. It is not always important to buy or own something only goes with the vogue. There’s a reason why vintage exists, because its oldness provides it with uniqueness, and in turn makes a homeowner feel like they own something that no one does. This sense of uniqueness is what every homeowner aims to achieve in their home décor.

carpet in living room

That being stated, it is sometimes possible that a furnishing piece that you bought at a certain point does not complement your home as well as it did when you brought it, which can make it appear as if it is outdated. This could be due to an array of several reasons, let us find out what these reasons could be and how you can solve this problem.

1) Décor setup

Every few years we revamp our décor setup. We shift the furniture, change the curtains, and add or remove elements to or from our space. This unquestionably impacts the entire look and feel of your rug. When we make changes to our interior setup, naturally its floor furnishing requirements change too. The rug that you had placed earlier now might not go with your new revamped setup in terms of design scheme, shape, or size.

2) Walls of your home

Over time, the walls of a home may get dirty which might bring down the look and feel of your décor aesthetic. Walls are a great determinant for enhancing the visual appeal of a rug, and vice versa. An ideal décor aesthetic is always the one that maintains a balanced combination of the walls and the rug. If you decide to repaint the walls of your home, make sure to choose the colour scheme according to that of the rug. This will ensure that your rug doesn’t feel out of place in your space, and will increase the utility of the rug.

3) Colour of the rug

Carpets and rugs can lose colour as a result of pollution, wear and tear, and exposure to sunlight. As a result, your carpet may not appear as attractive as it did when it was new, and it may even detract from the ambiance you're aiming for. You could replace them, but carpets and rugs can be costly. The good news is that you do not have to remove your favourite floor decor. There are various inexpensive methods for reviving worn-out carpets and rugs.

4) Finish of the rug

When a carpet loses its shine, it no longer serves its purpose of improving the aesthetics of an area. Because it is the centre point of any décor, it attracts quick notice, and it is not the pleasant kind of attention. Nothing can detract from the appearance and feel of a home like an old, worn, and unclean carpet. This problem, however, can be handled with the help of professional carpet cleaners, or you can do it yourself at home. To know more about how to repair a worn out carpet you can read our blog here.

5) Material of the rug

Rugs, like any other product, can lose their allure after time and wear. There are a variety of concerns that we might have about our carpets, but don't fret since many of them can be resolved with no effort. The edges of our rug may fray due to traffic in our location and our space. Because of its weave, handwoven carpets can look unbound. Furthermore, our rug might even be spilt on and burnt, have a cut or tear, or seem unbraided if it is a braided rug.

We can fix these issues by taking a number of measures such as patch the back side with We can resolve these issues by patching the rear side with tape or sewing it together. We can mend the edges of rugs if they fray. If a braided rug becomes unbraided, we can re-braid and rebind it. If the edges of a jute rug begin to fray, we can trim and bind them. However, prevention is always better than cure, and to avoid the extra work, we should constantly care for and preserve our rug.

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