Walking on Sunshine: How Designers Select Carpets That Enhance Natural Light

The interior design realm depends upon one soul-driving force of nature: Light. Light can make or break the aesthetics of the place, giving away the elegance of the visual appeal. It has the power to evoke emotions, affect your mood, and create a vibe you wish to induce into the atmosphere. While artificial lights are an excellent option to brighten the place, natural light has benefits. While designing any space, the clients request many architects and interior designers to ensure the place has enough room for ventilation and natural light. Even if they aren’t asked to do so, they still do because they understand the need for natural light in any space. There might be homes with limited or no natural light. While working on such spaces, designers set the space's decor so that it has a hint of natural illumination.

How Designers Select Carpets That Enhance Natural Light

Natural light has multiple benefits. It has the ability to add life to any room, just like an Obeetee Carpet. It illuminates the room with a freshness of nature that cannot be achieved by artificial light, no matter how strong. Designers work in mysterious ways. With their knowledge and expertise in this realm, they can either subdue or enhance the natural light in any space by simply choosing the right furniture accents and, most important, the right rug.  Just like light, carpets are also one of the most crucial elements of the interior of any space. It sets the base of the visual appeal of the space and gives a unique character. With their unique aura, rugs can highlight anything you wish to enhance or draw attention to in your space. Need people to look at your vintage crockery? Put a carpet below the china cabinet; want the guests to appreciate the new coffee table; place a rug under, and you are done. Many designers use rugs to enhance the natural light. If the natural light in your space is extra, the right carpet in terms of material, color, make, and placement can balance it out, and if it seems less, a different rug can enhance it. Below are some ways designers use rugs to enhance the natural light in your space.

  1. The Material- Handmade carpets often come with a thick pile. Wool, cotton, jute, and silk are natural materials for crafting rugs. These materials, except silk, can absorb the excessive light in the space and balance out the natural illumination. Using carpets made with these materials in homes with large windows and skylights, where there is light till dusk, the space looks balanced and aesthetics.
    Carpets made with light-reflecting fibers like silk and polyester are helpful in spaces with limited natural light. Ensuring these rugs are bright and intricate will help you enhance the illumination in the space.
  2. The room size- Depending upon the size of the room, the designer will place a carpet as per the existing decor. Large rooms often have a big window or ceiling, allowing natural light to enter the space. Simply putting a bright and vibrant rug by where the light reaches the most after bouncing off the floor is smart. This way, the colors of your carpet will be reflected in the room, making it look modern and aesthetic.
  3. Choosing light carpets- Dark shades absorb light. Designers often select light-shade carpets or pastel hues to enhance the look of natural light in any space. Shades like gray, beige, yellow, white, sky blue, etc, are often preferred. A light-hued carpet can bounce the light around the space and absorb extra lighting, if any, balancing the overall look.
  4. Decor Supplements- Decorative accents to complement the rug is a good choice. These accents are often in sync with the color scheme of the carpet; thus, they reflect the light so that your carpet is highlighted and the room is illuminated.

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