Rugged Refinement: Durable Carpets that Withstand the Test of Time in High-Traffic Areas

A beautiful handmade carpet can transform any space into a sanctuary of elegance and aesthetics. Whether you are considering wall-to-wall carpeting or wish to lend charm to the hardwood floor, you must ensure that the carpet you pick is durable. Durability is an essential quality of a carpet. In the world of rugs, it is a USP. Rugs are the only accent in home decor that survived time. Since their discovery in the late 1200s, rugs have been a part of every century, along with some great moments of history. The oldest rug in history is the Pazyryk rug, dating around the 4th–3rd centuries BC. The fine fibers of this rug that once adored the Turkish palace now reside in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Pazyryk rug is a testimonial about the durability and strength of carpets.

Rugged Refinement_ Durable Carpets that Withstand the Test of Time in High-Traffic Areas

The trend of including rugs in decor was brought to recognition during the rule of Akbar. Persians were known for their art and architecture. When Akbar came to India, he brought Persian artisans with him. These artisans hand-knotted carpets for the royal Mughal courts and imparted this art of weaving to the Indian weavers. Since then, these weavers and future generations have crafted fine handmade carpets. Wool, cotton, and other natural fibers are fundamental for crafting carpets. These ensure that the carpets are durable and have a thick pile for comfort and relaxation.

For adding life to your home or any other space, adding a carpet is much more than a smart move. Nowadays, people have started to get the floorings of their space custom-made. Adding a rug not only lends it some texture but also keeps it safe from rough usage and scratches caused by the harsh soul of the shoes. The increasing population has led to overcrowding of space. Be it public areas like malls, theaters, etc or just a few guests coming over, the footfall is always higher than expected. To protect your floor and provide comfort to your guests, you must introduce your space with a durable handcrafted rug.

Materials one might prefer for a durable rug-

  1. Wool- Wool is a natural fiber. It comes with a natural ability to resist stains. Easy to clean and maintain, wool has a thick pile from within, making it durable and comfortable to step upon. Carpets made using good quality wool fiber in the last generations can be passed down as heirloom pieces. With its absorption and temperature-retaining properties, wool is one of the best materials to craft carpets.
  2. Polyester- With strength in its core and softness in the fibers, polyester is a successful artificial yet sustainable material that can be used for making rugs. Wool rugs are slightly expensive but have properties that are almost similar to synthetic materials. Polyester rugs are pretty popular in today’s cozy interiors. We at Obeetee Carpets make our PET yarn using plastic bottles and rice husks.
  3. Nylon- Pretty close to wool as well; Nylon is a material with high durability and strength yet comes with a soft texture. If taken care of properly, handmade carpets created using Nylon will last for a much longer time. These carpets are easy to maintain and can withstand heavy footfall.
  4. Cotton-Cotton individually is a soft and light material. When making rugs, they are usually combined with the abovementioned materials to induce comfort and add further strength to the carpet canvas. It allows the artisans to craft a beautiful and intricate motif and lend you a soft touch underfoot.

Maintaining durable carpets is easy. They require little attention because of their high strength and absorption quality. Depending upon the type of area you have placed them in, you can follow a few steps to enhance their lifespan.

  • High-traffic area- A carpet placed in a space with high footfall can be vacuumed weekly but requires a professional cleaning service every 6-12 months. A cloth dipped in warm water, and soft soap will be enough for spots and stains.
  • Moderate-traffic area- Carpets in spaces like guest rooms or high-end restaurants and cafes can undergo a monthly vacuuming and a professional cleaning service every 12 months.
  • Low-traffic area- Carpets in formal dining spaces, bedrooms or intimate spaces where only a select individual steps in can be vacuumed every three months for maintenance and a professional carpet cleaning service within every 12-18 months.

At Obeetee Carpets, we have been crafting carpets for the world for the past century. Each of our carpets is a testament to the fine quality, craftsmanship and durability we offer in our creations. All our raw materials are sourced from highly fertile fields in the country and beyond. We also manufacture our PET yarns, ensuring the fiber's durability and sustainability. To experience the magic and strength of our carpets 1st hand, visit our website or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bangalore and Kolkata.