Texture Time: How Carpets Add Depth and Dimension to Your Space

Choosing the right handmade rug for your space is more than a design decision. It is a chance, an opportunity to infuse your space with warmth, charm, and character. Carpets are like maestros in the world of design. Existing since the dawn of time, handmade rugs are the oldest element in the realm of decor. The handmade canvases that adorn the modern homes of today, were once used to grace the royal palaces of the Mughals and were a roof over the heads of Turkish nomads. It was these nomads who initiated the art of carpet making. While moving from one place to another, they used to leave their tents. The roofs of these tents were often handmade using thick fiber featuring beautiful patterns to keep the cold away along with a grateful view. The breeze that started to blow during the early 1200s in the Turkish region found its way to the Mughal rule, the British Raj, and the contemporary world.

Carpets Add Depth and Dimension to Your Space

Handmade carpets have the power to transform any space into a beautiful sanctuary. The material is authentic and enhances the space's visual appeal. The thick pile maintains the temperature and gives a good residence to the beautiful motif, lending depth to the character of your space. We at Obeetee Carpets have been crafting high-quality luxury rugs for the world since the past century. Each of our carpets is a testament to the fine quality that we provide. Rugs work in mysterious ways. Depending upon the space a rug is placed in, it complements the other decor accents and adds to the area’s aesthetics.

Here are a few effects that carpets have on your decor-

  1. Visual Appeal- The primary role of carpets is to enhance the visual appeal of the space. Whether you decide to place your handmade carpets on the floor or the wall as a tapestry or use it to create a sitting room by installing it wall to wall, the visual of the space will be enhanced as per the design of the carpet. A carpet featuring a traditional pattern will induce your space with a vintage character while one featuring a contemporary design will boast of contemporary aesthetics. A carpet adds texture to the area it is covering, making the space look delusional in that it is naturally patterned and textured.
  2. Layering- Layering is nothing but installing 2 or more carpets on one top of another. The art of layering rugs is one way to add to the visuals of the room but it also highlights your creativity. Layering creates an illusion of depth and dimension, making the floor look steeper. It allows you to include multiple themes in the space. You choose a base rug with a minimal design or a solid color and complement it with a contrasting traditional/well-patterned rug, lending the space a transitional character.
  3. Sophistication and fashion- A handmade carpet sorts your place. It makes the area look tidy and complete. Handmade carpets tend to introduce a hint of luxury to the space. The textures and patterns dwell in the space effortlessly and complement the existing decor of the space.
  4. Comfort- The thick pile of the carpet gives you a plush protected layer to walk over the hand floor. Your under feet not only feel relaxed but it creates an illusion that one is walking but not on the ground. Handmade carpets are made using wool, viscose, silk, jute, and other naturally occurring materials. Each of these materials has properties of its own and enhances your comfort in different ways.
  5. The size- Here, we are talking about the size of the rug and the room. The right carpet can create a delusion in terms of the room’s size. A full wall-to-wall carpet in a small condo can make the space look bigger while separate rugs for every space can make the same space look smaller. On the other hand, getting a wall-to-wall rug might make a bigger space look small. Multiple rugs in a bigger space define the specific areas, making an illusion to make the space look even bigger.

Handmade carpets from Obeetee are a way to add life to your home. Our carpets bless your space with elegance and comfort, add depth to your interior, and last for generations. Our sustainably sourced raw materials and traditional handcrafting techniques are what make us stand out from the others. In our catalog, we have multiple designs and a carpet for every space.  Think of a carpet, Think Obeetee.

You can explore our carpets by experiencing them 1st hand at our flagship stores spread across India in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, and Bangalore. You can also visit our e-commerce platform, https://www.obeetee.in/. Learn more about handmade rugs by visiting the blog section on our website.