Naptime Nirvana: Craft the Coziest Summer Reading Nook with Supportive Cushions

The protagonist is running for her life, the demons are following her on motorbikes, and she is not fast enough as she is running on foot. The only chance for her to survive is if she catches the 3:30 pm train to Chicago and finds the Doctor who can make her inevitable. She, the chosen one somehow manages to escape from the one-headed demons and hops on board. “Shoo-shoo”, does the train engine as it leaves for the States. Zap! The chosen one is now in the early 1900’s, a trip back in time. In this era, she has her challenges where no one knows her. She is unaware of the ways and routine of this time yet she has to survive. Confused, hungry, and lost she stands under a bridge. The plot of the story has started to build up now. As the page is turned unveiling the story ahead, a sudden cramp in your back leaves you in pain and you throw the book away to stretch painfully. With a no longer willingness to read, you just jump into bed, leaving your entire reading experience.

Naptime Nirvana Craft the Coziest Summer Reading Nook with Supportive Cushions

Every reader has a favorite place where they just sit and lose themselves in the book's pages. It is like an escape from the fast-paced world and its reality. In this space, one finds solace in the words printed on the novel’s pages. Being such a place that holds an emotional relevance, it needs to be accentuated with the right props and accents. Not just in terms of visual appeal but the place should be welcoming in terms of comfort and relaxation. The reading nook is like a quiet space to unwind. Below are some ideas that will allow you to explore the right ways to set up and induing comfort in this peaceful corner.

  1. The place- Reading time often requires concentration and silence. Look for a corner in your house that is the least visited. Preferably, a place by the window pane or near the balcony so that the sweet chirping of the birds and the occasional pitter-patter of the raindrops can serenade you. You can also set up in a corner of your bedroom. It being an intimate and personal space, will not only be the least disturbing but will also be relaxing.
  2. The visual appeal- You need to set a theme for your reading corner. Just like in a movie theatre, everything, each decor item, and the poster is related to the movies. Similarly, creating such a unique atmosphere for your reading nook will not just make it look aesthetic but also creative and boast a welcoming vibe.
  3. The seating and comfort- The most important element of any reading/space that one uses to escape reality is comfort. Reading sessions can last long hours. Sitting in a corner can be uncomfortable, thus making the reading nook soft, cozy, and comfy is important. To make the space more relaxing, the seating arrangement can include soft mattresses, blankets, and pillows. The area can be further decorated by a small tent structure, decorated with fairy lights and other cute accents.
  4. The cherry on top Everything needs a finishing touch. When dressing up for a special occasion, we get accessories to enhance our looks. Women carry handbags, and wear nice earrings and articles of jewelry and men prefer to use stylish belts, watches, and shoes. For enhancing the decor of any space, handmade cushions are mystical marvels. An epitome of comfort, beauty, and aesthetics, handmade cushions not only complement the elements of the space but add vibrancy to its atmosphere.

We at Obeetee Caarpeta have recently entered the realm of making cushions. A few months back we came up with multiple collections of handmade cushions, each designed with a unique vision and inspiration. 

The Nagalore cushion collection features a set of cushions inspired by the beauty of the state of Nagaland. The crafting of these cushions has been done by the local weavers of the city, using the traditional shawl weaving technique. The Malani cushion collection from the house of Obeetee has around 100 designs. Each cushion was designed with a unique inspiration and came with a versatile color palette. From floral motifs to contemporary aesthetics, minimal patterns to bold traditional, the set of cushions featured an array of patterns in printed, hand-printed, and embroidered format.

The cushion fillers from our house are top-notch when it comes to providing support to your back. Enclosed the cotton filling is a durable cotton cloth. The plush enhances the comfort of the space and when encapsulated by the beautiful handmade cushion covers, they lend an unmatched elegance to the space. Enhance the magic of your reading nook and transform it into a sanctuary of comfort and calmness with cushions from Obeetee.

To purchase or experience the cushions 1st hand, visit our website or any of our flagship stores loathed in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Jaipur.