Global Fusion: Using Accent Furniture to Inject International Flair

Rustic and cozy vintage aesthetics lit up by a modern flair, a minimalist approach in terms of look and feel, and a hybrid connection between traditionalism and the contemporary world along with relaxation and comfort. This is how we often see international homes and condos in web series. Little do we know that this is how the homes of the Western world look like. Western culture has a major impact on us regarding trends and developments. The USA, Europe, and other Western countries because of their technological advancements are an inspiration for India. With the growing demand for international flair, the local business owners in our country have started incorporating such designs in their products that resonate with international styles and patterns.

Global Fusion  Using Accent Furniture to Inject International Flair

In the realm of home decor, we at Obeetee Carpets have expanded our wings in the furniture market. After a thorough market research and analysis, we introduced a new collection of furniture accents to our catalog a while back. At its core, the Global world of interior decor places a strong emphasis on leaving breathing spaces, a natural color palette, and using minimal decor accents to complement the major ones. Emotionally, the look of any interior reflects upon the homeowner’s personality but practically, the functionality of the space is the prime objective. Another aspect that makes international homes stand out in terms of furniture and designs is the make. The raw materials used to craft furniture accents are often sustainable and sourced in a manner that does not affect the environment. The use of natural materials increases the life of these accents and makes them last generations.

Furniture accents from the house of Obeetee Carpets not only check all the boxes but also come with additional qualities. Apart from being constructed using the superior quality of Mango wood and acacia wood, robust iron, and extra plush cotton for the cushioning, the craftsmanship is what makes them stand out. Featuring a modern design, all furniture accents from Obeetee Carpets are handcrafted by skilled artisans, crafting for generations using traditional hand-making techniques. Each accent is a result of artisanal dedication, hard work along with emotions of love and care.

A few of our decor accents from our collection can assist you in achieving that international flare in your interior are listed below.

  1. Rose Coffee Table- The Rose coffee table from our collection is a fine accent piece. The natural color of the Acacia wood used in its construction complements the seating furniture. The fine-quality polish not only enhances the natural hue of the wood but accentuates the elegant self-pattern. Just like the multiple layers of the rose flower, the coffee table comes with a dual cabinet, allowing space to place a beautiful decor accent. The fine humane craftsmanship is what makes the coffee table embrace the Indian tradition apart from the modern outlook of the design. Place this coffee table at the center of the seating space or create a small seating area for your coffee/tea time with this table and enhance your dining experience.

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  2. Resse Accent chair- Soft-cushioning enclosed within a white-cream shade upholstered cloth with a beautiful self-texture, robust golden polished iron stands, and a foundation made with acacia wood, this is how we describe the Resse accent chair from our collection. A beautiful artistic creation by the hands of skilled artisans, the European-inspired design of the chair exudes an international charm. With fine Indian craftsmanship and a foreign-sourced design, this comfortable chair adds a global charm to your living spaces.

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  3. Rhode Chest of Drawers- Green accents, cane mesh, and robust iron stands, form the 3 drawers of the Rhode Chest. In its foundation, fine quality acacia and mango wood are used, making the furniture accent durable and long-lasting. With 3 storage units, the accent allows you to make your space spacious. This versatile accent can be placed in the living space, accentuating the overall look and feel of the space. The fine Indian craftsmanship building a contemporary design, the result comes out to be one such timeless piece.

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While these pieces are the highlights, we have a lot more seating furniture with inbuilt storage units and other kinds of tables for your space. Each of our furniture accents is crafted using the best quality of raw materials, sourced sustainably. Each piece is designed as per the international decor trends, making sure there is enough white space, flexibility, and storage space in your space.

Furniture accents from our house will allow you to achieve a minimal-themed interior, matching up to the global homes of the Western world. To experience the magic of our furniture accents visit any of our stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore, or browse through the e-commerce platform of Obeetee Carpets,