Cushion Catastrophe? Beat the Summer Sweat with These Breezy Throw Pillow Hacks!

Visuals can evoke emotions. All of you, at least once in your life, might have felt the warmth of the summer heat just by looking at a person who might be wearing an extra piece of clothing, carrying a heavy beard, or having high-length hair during the summer. The feeling of looking at something cluttered with no room for breathing space during the summer just gets on your head, making you feel uncomfortable. The summer is a time to give your home a good makeover. The heat outside is a signal to eliminate the cozy winter interior and introduce a breezy zeal of freshness and vibrancy. Furniture and carpets are expensive accents that cannot be replaced every season. All you can do with them is store them for the next season or rearrange the setting.

Beat the Summer Sweat with These Breezy Throw Pillow Hacks

While decluttering and re-arranging everything to add a little breathing space is a smart move for creating a summer home, you can introduce delicate handmade decorative cushions in your decor. Cushions are like accessories to your furniture. With a purpose more than just enhancing the visual appeal, decorative cushions induce comfort and aesthetics in your space. These small accents allow you to add shades of summer and elevate the overall look of your space effortlessly. You can try new furniture settings with cushions and even create contrasting effects in your space. Their small size allows you to store them easily and take chances in your interior. They are light on your pocket, so you can upgrade them whenever you like. Being decor experts, here are a few of our suggestions that you can use to make your home look breezy with decorative cushions.

  1. Vibrancy- Summer is the time of bright colors and vibrancy. Changing the color of your rug the furniture of furniture seating is not easy, both practically and financially. That is where handmade decorative cushions come into the picture. We at Obeetee Carpets recently launched multiple sets of cushions. Each of our cushions features a unique design and pattern inspired by nature, tradition, and the contemporary world. From bright yellow hues to neutral greys, in our collection, we have cushions of eerie color that allow you to introduce vibrancy to your home on a budget.
  2. Pattern- When the place is de-cluttered in summer, the entire space looks plain and simple. The innovative patterns and textures on decorative cushions add layers to the room’s visual appeal and give it an artistic look. The floral patterns on Obeetee’s malani cushion range allow you to liven up your space with the booming beauty of nature. The blue shades complementing the white base of cushions from the Naga collection induce a cool and breezy space, generally creating a less warm atmosphere.
  3. The Material- Just like our clothes in the summer, decorative cushions from Obeetee are made using cotton. Cotton is a light, breathable material that feels soft on your skin and has some absorption quality. Cotton also provides the weavers with a beautiful base to make a design. The comfort of the cotton, when blended with Obeetee’s style, results in an attractive and comfortable home. If you introduce cushions to your furniture made using a thicker material like wool or viscose, your backs won't just be sweaty, but the absorption quality of these materials will retain the heat, making your room warmer.
  4. The more, the better- Cushions are comfortable accents. Irrespective of the number of cushions in your space, the area won’t look clustered but boasts an inviting vibe to you or your guests because of enhanced comfort. Additionally, multiple cushions mean multiple shades and a vibrant color palette. Your loving space will transform into a graceful garden in the spring with blooming flowers, lush trees, and clear blue skies.
  5. Create sitting space- For more free air flow, a sitting room with no furniture but cushions seating with a beautiful handmade carpet underneath can be created. This can be like a fun-filled room for family gatherings and get-togethers. The less amount of furniture and accents will keep the room cool during the hot summer. Including cushions in such a way will look creative and create an exciting space in your home.

Cushions are like your best friends if you wish to give your home a makeover. They can transform any interior into a sanctuary of beauty and elegance. Cushions from Obeetee carpets are crafted using the best quality raw materials and seek inspiration from the surrounding elements. We actively collaborate with local natives of the states of India to develop new collections.

To explore the realm of handmade cushions and create a beautiful summer home using a budget, you can visit any of our stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Jaipur or our e-commerce platform