Top 8 Sustainable Rugs For Your Home

Tens of thousands of years of evolution have passed. The planet and our ecology have been witnesses to drastic changes and they are proof of irreversible damage. It would be safe to say that sustainability needs to be incorporated into our lifestyles urgently. Sustainable living and incorporating sustainable practices into our everyday lives have become so pertinent in the present global scenario. Everyone can start small by doing their own bit, and we are here to help you pick out the perfect and sustainable rug that both ties the decor of your space together and ensures a safer and healthier life for generations to come. Decking up your home can now be made more interesting with an emphasis on sustainability. At Obeetee, it is our endeavour to produce the finest quality hand-woven carpets without compromising the sustainable aspect of our craft. In our contemporary day and age, as luck would have it, it has become extremely simple and easy to practice sustainability when it comes to home decor. We bring you eight viable and sustainable rugs that you can use to add a touch of luxury to your haven.

Top 8 Sustainable Rugs For Your Home

1) Brocade Garden Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug: A marvel from our Antique Frames collection, in collaboration with the masterful designer TarunTahiliani, this accent is hand-knotted on a rich Indigo canvas, reminiscent of Mughal era miniature paintings. Intricately decked with charcoal grays and the mighty blues, this rug is made of wool and silk fibres, ensuring sustainability.

2) Wonderland Hand-Tufted Woolen Rug by Anita Dalmia: Evoking nostalgia and transporting you to the magical, dreamy realm that is Alice’s Wonderland, this accent designed by Anita Dalmia adds colour to your space. Extremely durable, and easy to maintain, this rug is made using wool and is environment friendly.

3) Forest Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug: A rug ideal for a traditional setup and home, this carpet is adorned with animal and floral motifs. It pays homage to Anita Dalmia's philosophy by celebrating the union of being and ecology through the use of natural fibers such as wool and silk.

4) Pashmina Hand Knotted Woollen Rug: This magnificent piece features in our famed collection, the Persian Saga collection, and our Museum Rug Collection. It is a classic piece of Oriental carpet art, hand-knotted entirely using wool fibre, making it one of the most durable and fine quality rug, perfect for all sorts of settings.

5) Kantara Killim Hand Woven Woollen Dhurrie: Handwoven with extreme precision and skilful artistry, this flat weave woolen dhurrie is dynamic, cost-friendly and sustainable.

6) Leah Handwoven Polyester and Jute Dhurrie: A contemporary piece, this hand-woven dhurrie rug features an interesting palette with pastel hues. The dhurrie is made entirely of recyclable polyester fibre and natural jute fibre, which are extremely sustainable and durable.

7) Pierce Hand Knotted Woollen and Cotton Rug: A delicately hand-knotted rug, this piece features exquisite geometric motifs and designs, peppered over a charcoal and muted canvas. Made with a blend of wool and cotton, both of which are natural fibres and are extremely durable, this is a top choice if sustainability is your priority.

8) Audle Hand Loom Recycled Polyester Rug: One glance at this rug is enough for you to get transported to the tranquil sea and hear the calming splash of the ocean waves in your ears. Made with recycled polyester, this rug is extremely durable, sustainable and ideal for heavy-traffic spaces.

At Obeetee, sustainability is a way of life. It is the driving force that makes our rugs unique, and propels us to constantly thrive in our aim to preserve and revere carpet weaving. With our conscious efforts at making both our rugs and the environment last generations, we have reduced our water consumption by 90%. We have solar panels in place to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint, and most importantly, we employ eco-friendly materials from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the very end. Our Effluent Treatment Process is one of the most efficient systems in place and ensures that the water used for washing undergoes biological treatment to be reused for irrigation in the fields. Artisanally handcrafted with meticulous planning, our rugs are made with premium fibres such as wool, recycled and organic cotton, and jute, which are easy on the planet and cost-efficient.