How To Prevent Woolen Carpets From Shedding

Wool is one of the most extensively used natural fibre when it comes to producing the finest quality textiles and, especially, the highest quality carpets. One of the most durable fibres, wool rugs ensure that carpets remain magnificent and last a lifetime, making them extremely valuable. Throughout history, pure wool carpets have been the epitome of luxury heirlooms, evoking a rich heritage and culture. Forming the majority of a collector’s most prized collection, these marvelous artefacts are symbols of royalty and extravagance throughout the annals of history. Bearing excellent craftsmanship and skilled weaving techniques in an otherwise primitive society with a paucity of resources, woolen rugs have left a mark on the global map in the form of the most exquisite pieces, which now adorn the likes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Victoria and Albert Museum.

Woolen Carpets

Wool is a very strong material that can be used to make intricate patterns and designs on carpets. This gives the carpets their final, long-lasting look and feel. All the aforementioned grounds are enough to make it quite an obvious choice for contemporary homeowners to opt for woolen carpets over others. However, in the manufacturing process, synthetic materials are mixed with the yarn to increase the durability and flexibility of the fibre.

This is mainly done to boost the properties of wool carpets and improve their durability while maintaining the aesthetic and ergonomic value of a pure woolen carpet.

Although wool carpets are extremely natural, sustainable, and durable, wool as a fibre is inherently susceptible to shedding due to a number of reasons. In order to weave rugs, the quality of the wool becomes a factor to bear in mind. Heavy traffic areas and heavy foot traffic are the main causes of the shedding of woolen carpets. Additionally, vacuuming separates the wool fibres, untwisting them and causing parts of the fibre to come off or shed. Fibres that are comparatively hard and brittle will break off easily, resulting in shedding. To avoid shedding and the fibre breaking off, it becomes pertinent for a manufacturer to accurately decide on the material and the thickness of the wool to be used in weaving the carpet.

Rugged and shaggy rugs are highly likely to shed faster than other wool rugs; however, high-quality shag rugs shed for about three to six months after being in use. After this, the shedding process is more or less over. There are tools available to reduce shagging. Grooming and maintenance of woolen rugs are very important to ensure their durability, and using bristle brushes to remove shed fibre is essentially the right way to go about maintaining a fresh look for your carpet.

1) Location of the carpet: There are a bunch of ways to reduce the natural process of shedding of wool carpets. For starters, a wool rug should be put in an area which has less foot traffic. Heavy traffic areas have been proven to be the centres of rug shedding activity. The fewer people walk on the carpet, the lesser friction would be resultantly produced and hence, lesser likely is the wool fibre to shed.

2) The importance of Vacuuming: Vacuuming regularly, using the vacuum attachments works wonders to prevent shedding from taking place. It is recommended to vacuum by hand, however, vacuuming shag rugs can prove to be quite risky. In that case, a drier or a blower to remove the dirt and clean it is another way one can ensure the longevity of their carpet.

3) Harmony between Furniture and Carpet Tones: The third way is to camouflage the rug fibre from becoming noticeable when the shedding takes place. To ensure that, incorporate similar color tones for your furniture and the carpets. When the wool fibre sheds, and gets displaced onto the furniture, it does not become an obvious sight.

Rotating the carpet regularly is also a great option to ensure even wear on both sides of the carpet and prevent excessive shedding. Placing padding underneath the rug protects the fibres from excessive shedding and dirt.

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