Modern Indian Decor With Subtle Hues

Contemporary home decor is all about expressing yourself in the best way possible. Let your haven speak volumes about you, while offering the benefit of utilitarian comfort and a sense of calm in a simple yet luxurious way. Whether you are someone who is fond of maximalism and embrace excess in your space or if you have a preference for a minimalistic modern decor for your home, rugs can be incorporated in more ways than one can imagine. Modern Indian decor for a contemporary or traditional setting can vary greatly, as the key elements in each of these spaces are based on diverse lifestyles, themes and inclinations. Rugs, however, serve the purpose of tying the decor of the entire space together.

Carpets have since olden days served numerous purposes in any given space that they have been incorporated in, and have added the lasting touch of luxury, comfort and warmth to homes. Therefore, carpets being an essential element of planning out any space, serve their purpose excellently once it is determined what kind of theme and preference of lifestyle one wants to centre their space around. Following this, it becomes pertinent to decide the material, durability, design, and sustainable aspect of the rug. Last but not the least, it is very important to note, if the shades and hues of the given accent complement the kind of theme a space is planned around. If you happen to be searching for the perfect rug to capture the essence of your transitional Modern Indian decor home with subtle hues, then you have landed at the right place. 

Modern Indian Decor

We present to you some of our acclaimed pieces weaved using excellent craftsmanship that are both subtle in shades, and ideal for a contemporary Indian setting.

1) Fliztrovia Hand Knotted Woollen Rug: This piece from our Traditional Living Lifestyle, and from our Vintage Edit Collection, is a take on the grey, white and beige hues that are softer on the canvas and regal in style. This hand-knotted wool rug features motifs reminiscent of the Mamluk era designs. This rug is made purely of wool, and the texture and the quality of this piece is extremely fine and durable. Ideal for spaces that have an overall grey and white tonal theme, it would add the touch of sophistication to your haven.

2) Centennial Hand Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug: A refreshing and calming accent to incorporate in any space, this rug features in our Regional Living Lifestyle, in the Coastal Bliss collection. This rug features an interesting color palette and patterns reminiscent of the fresh water waves, splashing at your feet at the beach. A piece perfect for a modern Indian setting, it is made of wool and recycled viscose and is washed employing the high lustre technique, keeping your rug durable and long lasting.

3) Nature C Hand Tufted Woollen Rug: This splendid piece of skilled artistry, features in our curated Minimalist Edit Collection. This collection features our best accents, ideal for a modern Indian house. A subtle color palette, it reveres the greys and the whites, with interesting motifs on a canvas. Hand-tufted with wool, viscose, recycled polyester and cotton, the underfoot is plush and its lustrous shine adds to the overall beauty of this piece.

4) Reya Hand Tufted Woollen Rug: Our Reya Hand-Tufted Woollen Rug is a grandiose piece of intricate and precise craftsmanship, from the Persian Saga collection, celebrating the ancient craft of carpet-weaving. Hand-tufted with natural cotton and Indian woolen fibres,this rug features a coalescence of the mighty grays and the subtle beige and has a traditional Persian medallion motif in the centre. This carpet lauds the Iranian heritage and the extensively painstaking artistry that goes into its creation, making it perfect for a modern Indian house with subtle tonal decor.

To complete the overall decor of your space, think green, think regal art from the Royal Rajasthani heritage and tradition. The edge that subtle hues offer over other elements and colors is the fact that they have an extremely transitional design scheme. These colors can be adapted effortlessly to any interior setup, be it a modern one or a classical one.

Give the final touch by incorporating the subtle greys, whites and beiges on your floor, bedroom, stairs or entrances. Let your imagination run wild on the walls in your home or on the floor of your space. Check out more such rugs with subtle hues at and lighten up your space with a simple yet extremely elegant accent from our wide range of modern and traditional collections.