The Magic of Colors and Patterns: How Obeetee Carpets Transform Spaces

As children, all of us have visited amusement parks, game zones, and play areas. There you might have noticed the interior design was full of vibrancy and intimidating patterns. Ever wondered why? This is because as kids, these vibrant shades and patterns have an energizing effect on our emotions. They are bold and stand out from the environment, making us feel the same way too. Although as you grow older, set certain preferences regarding your likes and dislikes, and learn how to control your emotions, you still react in a positive way to vibrant colors in your adulthood.

How Obeetee Carpets Transform Spaces

This concept of attraction is not a new concept. In the Mughal era, the kinds used all kinds of decor ornaments of vibrant ues to make their space look alive. Out of many things, one element that played an important role in creating a magical environment was a handmade carpet. Since then, carpets have been considered the base of an attractive and magical interior. A handmade rug featuring bold patterns and vibrant hues is just the perfect accent you can use to add a magical zest to your home.

Beholding a legacy of more than a century, we at Obeetee Carpets have been crafting canvases of adornment with vibrant designs and patterns which add life to your homes. Inspired by design styles all over the world, our carpets are a result of world-class craftsmanship and traditional artistry, passed on from generation.

With a variety of design patterns, we offer you a kaleidoscope in the realm of carpets. Each carpet in our collection induces magic into your spaces, adding a unique character. Every design has an individual meaning, significance, and importance, adorned with vibrant hues, they elevate your space with aesthetics and evoke emotions within you.

If you wish to give a traditional and minimalist look to your interior, hand-knotted carpets adorned with Persian motifs are the best option. Persian motifs feature bold and floral all-over patterns in vibrant hues. These usually represent the beauty of the gardens of the Mughal era. They also include dome-like structures along with various descriptive designs. These are often portraits made by taking inspiration from war. Some tell a story, while some have cultural importance, carpets with Persian designs not only elevate your space with traditional aesthetics but also add significance to the surroundings.

Kilim rugs are another category that adds vibrancy to your space. These rugs come with a flat weave, embedded with geometrical designs dyed in bright colors. Effortlessly becoming the focal point due to their unique appearance, kilim rugs add balance and a sense of subtlety to your space. Suitable for adding boho zeal to your decor, the vibrant shades and symmetrical patterns add distribution to your place and make it look tidy. We at Obeetee Carpets, offer you a variety of kilim rugs. Each of our Kilim rugs boasts of a transitional touch and blends in with the decor of any style inducing it with an elegant visual appeal.

Talking about magic, we recently did a project for the government of India. A total of 314 carpets were meticulously crafted and stitched together to make 2 separate carpets for the new parliament of India.   It took an effort of 10 lakh man hours, hard work, and dedication of 900 experienced weavers from the Mirzapur and various districts of Uttar Pradesh. A total of 600 million knots were woven according to 120 knots per square inch, to achieve 2 magical masterpieces of intricacy and fine craftsmanship.

For the Lok Sabha, 158 carpets were woven. The carpets featured intricate motifs of the peacock - India's national bird. For the Rajya Sabha, a total of 156 carpets were woven with the exquisite motifs of the national flower, the lotus. Induced both the decision-making house of the country with magic and elegance, the carpets had a color palette of a total of 20-25 shades. The central vista project is a true testament to our century-old legacy and intricate craftsmanship and our mastery of creating space-transforming carpets. 

Apart from this, we have been inducing various hospitable properties all across the globe with magic. You can see some of our intricate and vibrant creations a the Soho House in Chicago, Park Hyatt in Vienna, The Amar Vilas in Agra, The Imperial in Delhi, etc. From hand-knotted carpets to hand-tufted ones, from runners to tapestries, we have helped the properties to provide their customers with a magical and comfortable environment to reside in.

Different occasions, rooms, spaces, etc call for different categories of patents and colors. To create magical spaces, we offer you a vista of carpets with unique patterns and vibrant hues which help convert the unused areas into small scenes of beauty. Our designers create the best-suited designs for the modern homes of today and bring a magical wave through carefully crafted canvas by experienced weavers.