Carpet Care 101: Tips to Prolong the Beauty and Life of Your Obeetee Carpets this festive season

Irrespective of our adaption towards modernization, one thing that would remain constant is our zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate festivals with proper rituals and traditions. We stay connected to our roots and continue to pass on this excitement and culture to future generations. India, being a diverse country has end number of festive celebrations. Each festival has its unique importance, thus each requires a unique style of decorations.

Obeetee Carpets this festive season

During the festive season, with a lot of people visiting your casa, you wish to bring out the ‘A’ game in your decor. From adorning your home with bright lights at the door, and various decor supplements in each room, to the carpet that binds it all together, as graceful as your home seems at this point, the disappointment is even greater when someone (even by mistake) messes it up. In most homes, a carpet is often placed in the seating area during the festive season. As graceful and bound it makes the space look, it faces a high footfall and catches a lot of dirt and debris after regular usage. With so many people in your homes, mishaps like spillage are likely to happen, specifically if there are kids around. Although a carpet keeps your flooring safe, it might retain stains.

A handmade carpet is a one-time investment, replacing it every festive season can take a toll on you. However, these authentic works of art tend to last much longer than you think if maintained properly. Did you know that the oldest rug in the world is over 2500 years old, held in a museum to be adorned by the people, the rug stood the test of time only with proper maintenance?

Obeetee Carpets, is one of those brands in the market that is inspired by the durability, magnificence and the elegance of aPazyryk rug. Our collection of carpets is long-lasting and heirloom-worthy. Each of our carpets is handcrafted with only the best quality materials which makes them easy to maintain.

Without further ado, let's dive into the tips to care for and prolong the beauty of your carpets this festive season:-

  1. No-shoe Policy- Abide by the statement, ‘My house, My rules’ and lay down a directive regarding the no-shoe policy in places adorned with handmade carpets. Footwear is directly in contact with the ground and tends to carry a lot of dust, dirt, and debris. When brought into your home, it brings along all this dirt. Since our carpets are made with natural and absorbent materials like wool and silk, these contaminants settle into the fibers of your carpets. Asking your guests directly to remove their shoes might get awkward, just simply place a shoe rack outside your house or remove your shoes while entering the room to pass on the message.
  2. Use carpet protection-  It is a thin sheet made with rugged polythene with significant strength and durability to stand against rough usage. Clear to semi-clear, it comes in a variety of choices. Usually varies from 24-36 inches in terms of size, it comes in a roll and is easy to apply. One side comes with an adhesive that grips the carpet canvas. Its transparent structure makes it indivisible on your carpet and does not affect your carpet's appearance. It stands strong against spills and high footfall. Although you might have to replace it on a regular basis, it reduces your after-work of dusting and vacuuming.

  3. Act fast on stains-  Mishaps like spillage of food and drinks are quite common when you have guests over. Whether it's a bite of food or a splash of your drink, you need to act instantly and clean the carpet to avoid long-term damage. Since our carpets are made with absorbent materials, they might retain stains if not reduced within a particular time period. In case this happens, all you need to do is blot the stained area with a clean cloth or a paper towel. Use a mild detergent with warm water and dab on the stain again. Avoid rubbing, this might lead the stain to spread or even lead to loosening the knots.

  4. Regular vacuum-  Since carpets are crafted with absorbent materials, they have a tendency to retain dust and debris from your feet and the atmosphere. With more people in your house, your space gets all dust. Generally, vacuuming your rug on a weekly basis is a fine practice, but during the festive season, vacuum your handcrafted carpet in a day or two. This is necessary because the fibers of your carpet might start losing their vibrancy and texture, making your carpet look dull.

  5. Professional cleaning services- Consider reaching out to professional carpet cleaning services once in a while for the maintenance of your handmade carpet. From proper cleaning agents to cleaning techniques, these are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge required for a thorough cleaning of the carpet.

Your handmade carpet from our house is more than just an accent. It is an expression of your personality and the aura with which you wish to host your guests. Regular maintenance along with a few extra steps during the festive season will help you maintain these exquisite works of art and maintain their life and beauty for a long time.