The Art of Yarn Dyeing: A Journey into the World of Rug and Carpet Colors

Every color evokes a different emotion within you. Bold shades like red fill you with energy while hues of yellow create a gloomy and warm atmosphere. The shade of the sky soothes the surroundings whilst lavender gives you an essence of luxury. Anything you buy, anything you add to your area, you make sure it has the right color. In the world of interior design, playing with colors is the key to making your home look attractive.

A Journey into the World of Rug and Carpet Colors

A suitable color scheme has a direct impact on the carpet in your space. Make sure that you choose everything, specifically the carpet according to the existing color scheme or set the color scheme based on your handmade carpet as it sets the base of your interior.  Rugs with neutral shades are good for contemporary homes. Dark ones of red or bold colors add a little bit of timeless aura to your space, making it suitable for a traditional look. To set an ‘out of the box’ look for our homes, we can use a combination of shades and contrasting tones.

Rugs are made with natural fibers. While these fibers are derived in a neutral shade naturally from the plants, they are dyed into a variety of colors and woven together to make carpets that add character to your space. At Obeetee carpets, we dye yarns at our house situated on the banks of the river Ganga in Mirzapur. Let's dive into the process of the same.

The process(s)-

If you are familiar with threads and colors, you might know that the process of dyeing yarn is long and time-consuming. It requires a thorough knowledge of colors, mixing techniques, and patience. After the yarn is spun, it is transported to our dyeing plant for coloring. If not done with dedication and professionalism, you might not get the hue you were aiming for. You need to make sure to use natural dyes only. Artificial dyes tend to lose their color and also affect your skin.

Each carpet is dyed with a different technique. This technique decides the maintenance and care of your carpet. A carpet dyed using a natural material requires less amount of maintenance as compared to dyes with artificial colors.

We at Obeetee Carpets use different types of dyeing techniques, while some require spinning of the yarns beforehand whilst in some, the yarn is dyed before being spun.

  1. Plain Dyeing- It is done by adoring your carpet into a monochromatic/single color scheme. Usually done on carpets with neutral shades. These add balance to your space and include the area with subtlety and simplicity.
  2. Y-Dyeing- It is a process of adding color to a carpet with 2 shades of the same family. It helps in adding contrast and gives a step-look to your carpet. It is carried by fading or darkening the initial color of the dye, it gives a dynamic look to your space.
  3. A Dyeing- This technique is used to combine 2 plain shades in one yarn. From dark-light combinations to using contrasting shades, through this technique, we create dual-shaded carpets which add continuity and subtlety to your space.
  4. Space Dyeing- Accepting the unexpected, this technique involves adding multiple hues to the yarn and creating a bright and vibrant final product. These shades help add a jolly and vibrant aura to your carpet which induces the same vibe into your space.
  5. Gradient Dyeing- Similar to the brushstrokes on an artist, this technique is used to add a neon shade transition to your carpet. It can be used to mix different shades or play with a single one.

These are just a few of the many dyeing techniques that we use to add colors to our carpets. We use only natural dyes like Indigo, pomegranate rind, the outer husk of walnuts, etc,  which give our carpets a unique look and long-term color-retaining strength.

While dyeing carpets, we make sure to follow the path of sustainability. We have a fully-fledged water treatment plant that helps us reuse the heated water for dyeing yarns. Furthermore, we used rice husks instead of coal to generate steam. This small step of ours has helped us make a huge difference, our carbon footprint has been reduced up to 74,000 trees per year. We also recycle plastic bottles to make PET yarn. We use an avg of 540000 bottles to produce 6000 kg of pet yarn per month.

We at Obeetee Carpets are connected to our roots. We make sure to keep all things natural and sustainable. Crafting intricate designs on our carpets with yarns dyed with natural colors makes them elegant and pure. We have professionals at our dyeing plant who make sure that each yarn is dyed with the right color to bring out these intricate motifs gracefully. The art of dyeing yarn requires skills, passion, and dedication, and our professionals are equipped with all these to bring out nothing but the best.

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