The Obeetee Experience: A Tour of Obeetee's Flagship Stores

Established in the year 1920 by Oakley, Bowden, and Taylor, Obeetee Carpets was started with an initiative of introducing the art of carpet weaving to the world. Today the brand stands strong at the global level in the realm of high-end decor. From handmade carpets to cushions now, the brand is slowly spreading its wings in other elements of interior decor.

Keeping the torch lit until, we at Obeetee work dedicatedly to craft premium quality carpets with the best quality materials in a sustainable manner. Each of our carpets is heirloom-worthy and embeds a significant meaning in their designs. When placed in your home, our rugs elevate the space like the missing piece in a jigsaw does.

The Obeetee Experience A Tour of Obeetee's Flagship Stores

Started from a small town near the GT road at the banks of river Ganga, Mirzapur is today a carpet weaving hub of the country. From Delhi to Hyderabad, Mumbai to Kolkata, and one in New York, we proudly have retail stores nationwide and cover our remaining international reach with our e-com presence. Through these stores, we wish to reach your homes and fill them with life and elegance.  Let’s dive into the details of our flagship stores.

  1. Delhi Store- This was the 1st retail store that we had opened. Situated on MG Road in the national capital, this store is a must-visit. Here you will find carpets that suit your unique taste and style. From traditional to contemporary, we have rugs of all styles that fill your space with elegance and modernity. The staff in this store is friendly and provides you with a top-notch shopping experience. You can explore our range of carpets and get them customized as well according to your choices.

    In the display, there are actual interior scenes created adorned with carpets to give you a better understanding. Not only this but here you will find entire walls covered with carpets. This will give you a clear picture and an idea that these carpets can be used as tapestries too.
  1. Mumbai Store- The 2nd one in the trail, this store is situated in the famous Worli studio of the film city. The modern setting gives you a room-in-room experience that stands as a testament to the fine craftsmanship of Obeetee. Bringing the essence of the past when carpets were seen at the condors of your home, the store brings that experience through its decor. Boasting of customized lighting along with kinetic fixtures allows the customers to get a vertical and complete view of the carpets. The use of this modern technology in-house not only has a positive impression on the customers but also aids them to see multiple designs in just a click.
  1. Hyderabad store- Opened in January 2023, this store is situated in the Jubilee Hills in the capital of Telangana. Featuring exquisite designs of carpets, the store provides customers with a luxurious experience. With a vision of excellence and superior craftsmanship, the store gives a teaser of eclectic artistry through its assorted range of collections. The interior is a fine mixture of artistry and technology. The store gets its aesthetic appeal through its peculiar furnishings and classic lighting. The walls are covered with neutral shades in order to divert attention to the carpets, boasting elegance and superiority. Designed by Design 21, the store hosts customers with comfortable furniture in solid tones to blend in with the interior. The entire store is designed with a ‘level-to-level’ setting and just exudes a unique character.
  1. Kolkata Studio- Carrying forward the magic-induced in the air by the Hyderabad store, this studio in Kolkata was opened in February 2023. Situated in Chowringhee Lane, the studio has a fine collection of breathtaking carpets featuring elegant and graceful designs. Staying connected to the roots, the studio is designed by Design 21 portraying a colonial style. The interior is induced with an aesthetic ambiance complimented by fine furnishing and decor.

Furthermore, the store does something extra. It provides a platform for the city’s best designers and furniture professionals and decor enthusiasts to interact and pick from the wide variety of carpet swatches that Obeetee offers.

  1. New York- Making our international presence strong we have a showroom opening in New York City. Boasting a fine interior and an eclectic collection of handcrafted rugs, the store is based in the heart of the city. The showroom provides an exclusive customer experience and is designed by high-end designers. The interior boasts of subtlety and royalty just like the English but the carpets add a traditional Indian vibrancy to it.

Through these stores, we wish to reach and induce homes with an authentic and traditional touch. We wish to add elegance to your space with our finely crafted creations made using traditional crafting techniques and designs with a touch of modernity.

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