Designing for the Future: Obeetee's Vision for Modern Spaces

In the domain of interior design, carpets stand as enduring elements. Beyond mere embellishments, they serve as exquisitely fashioned enhancements, imbuing spaces with refinement and grace. Foundational to interiors, carpets seamlessly unify all components. Amidst the prevailing trend of modernisation embraced by certain brands, Obeetee distinguishes itself by a legacy of over a century devoted to carpet craftsmanship. While embracing contemporary sensibilities, our carpets retain a subtle essence of tradition, evident in every design we meticulously create.

 Obeetee's Vision for Modern Spaces

In today’s contemporary era, we understand the concept of evolution and ‘all things modern’. Be it authentic cultural, and historical designs or contemporary and abstract ones, we at Obeetee Carpets stay connected to our roots and craft these works of art with traditional hand-weaving techniques. Passed down through generations, these techniques are the only source of income for the weavers. We intend to uplift and support the livelihood of artisanry communities and bring the art of carpet weaving to the world. At our house in Mirzapur, our family of weavers creates carpets from scratch. Each of our designs is suitable for the modern homes of today. Even our traditional carpets are designed with a modern touch to cater to the needs of the house owners.

When it comes to the future, The Pazyryk carpet is our inspiration. This carpet is 2500 years old and is still existing in a museum to be adorned by people. Carefully and dedicatedly we create every carpet intending to make it an hier-loom-worthy piece.  Made with materials of the finest and purest quality, our carpets are highly durable, can bear heavy footfall, and are easy to maintain. With proper care and regular cleaning, our carpet might last for generations.

Carpets are often considered traditional and old-time ornaments. In today's world, people only add

carpets to their spaces to induce a timeless character. While doing so, they disrupt the aesthetics of their interior by mismatching the carpet with their existing decor. We evolved and grasped the opportunity. We create carpets inspired by bohemian lifestyles along with abstract designs as well.  Although these carpets feature modern art on their canvases, they come are made using traditional crafting techniques. Furthermore, we rejuvenated the tradition of the kings who used to select carpets from the comfort of their homes. Our white-glove service includes our executives visiting your homes, doing a thorough inspection, and proving you suitable options according to your space. All you have to do is book an appointment and we will be there at your doorstep to serve you. We also offer a customization service. Either you can create a carpet from scratch or customize an existing rug that serves your purpose.

In concern for the future, we make sure to be sustainable. We have a full-fledged water treatment plant that makes sure no water gets wasted. Through a proper system, the water is reused and recycled before it is released to irrigate the land of the neighboring villages. Sometimes we use artificial fibers to craft carpets. Each of these is made with recycled plastic bottles. In a year we recycle approx 540000 plastic bottles to make 60000 kg. At our dying plant, we use rice husk instead of coal to cut down the carbon footprint and save approx 74000 trees per year. Over this, 30% of our electricity needs are fulfilled by solar energy. We have solar panels installed which help save us an additional 37666 trees per year.

In a world where things keep changing, we stand strong as a symbol of elegance, culture, and timelessness. We effortlessly blend in tradition and modernity and bring it to you in the form of beautiful carpets. Each of our carpets tells a story and holds a cultural significance which not only adds an essence to your home but induced it with meaning. In the modern era of today, our creations are a testament to everlasting beauty and the fusion of the past and present, moving toward the future.

Whenever you are set on the road towards interior design, choose us and add a meaningful canvas to your home and make your home a place where heritage meets modernity.

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