Movie Magic: Iconic Carpets in Cinema History

Dearest gentle readers, if by any chance, you have graced our blog section with a read or two, you understand, and know about our deepest adoration for rugs and carpets. Keeping fully away from our personal bias, and even you all would agree with this, that rugs and carpets really add that extra oomph to a space. The furnishings emerged as utilitarian commodities generations ago, post which they became status symbols for only the influential homes. Today, they are a staple when it comes to home décor and furnishings- such is the trajectory of rugs and carpets. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Iconic Carpets in Cinema History

Now let us present these carpets and rugs in a different light, or might we say in the ‘spotlight?’

You have some idea by now how rugs and carpets were an integral part of the ancient palaces in the olden era, and today, they are a part of opulent homes. But you’d be surprised to know that these magnificent furnishings have also given an edge to some of the most iconic movie scripts ever written in the contemporary cinema. Not only this, but carpets play an important role even in the theatres where these movies are premiered and showcased. Apart from the purpose of design, carpets are placed in cinema halls to prevent friction as there are stairs involved in addition to a high footfall.

Moving on, let us read about some of the scripts these marvelous rugs adorned.

  1. Aladdin

We’ve all seen the snippets from the movie even if we have not watched the entire movie. Most of these snippets feature Aladdin, accompanied by his beloved Jasmine, both going on an adventure on a beautiful flying rug.

Unquestionably, the movie cannot be talked about without mentioning the fabled magic carpet. As the lead, Aladdin, gets more involved in the plot of the movie to get a hold of the magic lamp, he makes an unlikely friend along his journey, a carpet, perhaps, a Persian one. The viewers of the movie know very little about the carpet’s past, but it ends up becoming a not-so-random character in the movie as it gives them a lot of witty gestures and funny non-verbals throughout the movie. While it is not quite possible for us to find such a flying rug in our real lives, the movie represents the carpets in a metaphorical manner, to better represent its characters’ cultural identities as well as the mystique of a Persian carpet in its most literal sense.

While Aladdin being the lead in the movie, has very little to be paid attention to, what he does have is his wit, his loyal lamp, and a true friend that signifies wealth and prosperity. In the end, isn’t it all that matters to us over every magic trick up the genie’s sleeve?

  1. The Big Lebowski

A classic comedy that resides in the heart of every comedy lover even after 25 years of its release, the Big Lebowski features rugs and carpets in a real and comical way. The portrayal of Lebowski who is an unemployed man mistaken for a millionaire is considered to be one of the best satires in the history of cinema. ‘The Dude’, Lebowski, owns a rug and receives quite a shock when two unknown thugs urinate on his beloved rug. When the same thugs force The Dude to pay a debt he doesn’t owe, to which he responses with a ‘you’ve got the wrong man’ story, the thugs refuse to accept his story as a result of which his carpet that he cherishes suffers.

The Dude then begins on a dangerous quest to redeem the worth of his rug. There are so many rugs that have used some of the most famous dialogues from the movie such as “not on the rug, man”, and “that rug really tied the room together”. The lines were placed in the movies as sarcastic punchlines for the sake of satire and comedy, but it takes its reference from the contemporary application of the magnificent area rugs.

  1. Mirzapur

In the new age of digital media, OTT has won over the television series which serve the same old dish to viewers these days with slight modifications. Capturing this plight of the viewers, yet another show released on OTT was Mirzapur, which showcased the many nuances of the underworld mafia in the Mirzapur region of Uttar Pradesh.

However, the main reason the show has been added to this list is because of its association with rugs. One of the main leads in the show, Akhandanand Tripathi played by the renowned actor Pankaj Tripathi, is an owner of a carpet exports company. In lieu of exporting carpets, he deals in illegal weapons and the whole story spins around the same. UP is the hub of carpet making in India, and to represent the same, Akhandanand Tripathi is called ‘Kaleen Bhaiya’ by everyone who works for him. For the information of our readers, Kaleen is an Urdu word which translates to carpet in English.

  1. The pink panther

In the first of a series of uproarious films, this movie stands out as iconic in every aspect. Inspector Clouseau, comically overconfident, stumbles through a string of mishaps while pursuing a cunning jewel thief who outsmarts him. Alongside, astute women defy the typical damsel-in-distress role, notably Princess Dahla. A significant scene features the inebriated princess reclining on a tiger rug. In this moment, the rug symbolizes both an animal magnetism and vulnerability. Once a formidable hunter, the tiger is now reduced to a mere decorative piece, mirroring Princess Dahla's apparent vulnerability.

  1. The money pit

Walter Fielding, Jr., and his inexperienced wife embark on a misguided venture when they acquire a woefully rundown house. Despite their extensive renovations, the house remains a far cry from being habitable. Amidst the chaos of creating a livable space, Walter Fielding faces additional problems, including an ill-fated attempt at bribery that leads to him falling through a hole in the floor. The conveniently placed Persian rug serves as a symbol of squandered opulence. Regardless of its quality, it does little to improve a room that falls far short of acceptable standards.

Now that you know the potential that handcrafted rugs and carpets hold, explore our wide range to begin on your own home décor adventure.