Rug Sizing and Placement: Finding the Right Balance in Different Rooms

Like the scenic beauties worldwide, the decor is based on appearance. While the decor items and accessories liven up your space, it is necessary that they follow certain criteria. Decor items should be perfectly in sync with the look and feel of your respective room and go well in the space available. Something that is too long or large, or small or short, might disrupt your room’s aura and give away the aesthetic you desire to induce there. While a few items can be readjusted and worked upon, one thing that needs to be perfect here is a carpet, the base of your interior design. A carpet that is perfectly in proportion with the space available and its designs suit the aura of the room, it makes a statement and is like the icing on the cake to your decor. 

Rug Sizing and Placement: Finding the Right Balance in Different Rooms

Since every room has a different purpose, the atmosphere in each room needs to be unique, We understand that it might be a task for you to separate rugs for each room, that too of different sizes that’s why we are here to assist you.

With this guide below, you will find it breezy to pick the right-sized rug and an ideal area to place it in each room.

  1. The Living room- Not just a place of fun and family get-togethers, the Living room is a reflection of your personality. When it comes to that, we understand the need for the best.
    Before picking the rug, decide the area where you wish to place it.  Order a bigger rug if you want to place it below the coffee table. While doing this you need to make sure that it covers at least 2 inches of all the surrounding furniture.

Apart from this, there are many different ways to place carpets in the living room. You can buy rugs of big measurements to cover the entire seating area, making it a focal point.
You can also buy separate rugs to define specific areas. A medium-sized rug can be added beneath the dining table including all the chairs, and a different one to cover the coffee table. This will create differentiation and give your living room a neat and distributed look.

  1. Hallway- The hallway is the transitional area. Placing a rug here will not only add continuity to your home but will help you adjust accordingly, i.e. as you are switching rooms. Most hallways are narrow, thus, a runner is an ideal choice for this place. Make sure to keep the runner an inch shorer from all sides in order to avoid it blending with the walls. Add a supporting painting on the side to compliment the runner.
  2. Bedroom- Simple and intimate but has a lot of elements. From the bed to your personal cupboard or almirah, the bedroom needs to look calm and boast of a warm atmosphere to make you feel all comfy. According to your bed size, you can place the rug below your bed, or add a runner rug at the bed footer. This will make your bedroom look aesthetic and welcoming. Furthermore, you can get small or medium-sized rugs and place them under the dresser or your wardrobe and give your room a defined look. You can also hang a rug as a backdrop in proportion to your wall size and your bed, featuring abstract art. For smaller bedrooms, differentiating the area for any of your chores by placing a rug near or under will give it the finishing touch.
  3. The dining area- When talking about home decor, the dining room is the star. Though the dining table and chairs are crucial elements, a well-chosen and proportionate rug can truly transform the room and add aesthetics to its aura. The right rug compliments the dining crockery and the surrounding space, giving the room a dynamic look. Placing the rug of the right size under the dining table is crucial. If you place a rug that measures more than the necessary requirements, your dining area might seem cluttered, untidy, and smaller than the actual dimensions.
    Choose a rug that covers all the chairs as well along with leaving a room of at least 2 inches when dragged out. This will keep the entire dining furniture within the boundaries of the rug without disturbing the symmetry of the room.

We at Obeetee Carpets provide you with an online platform where we bring to you our hand-crafted creations for every room. From designer and elegant designs to ones featuring abstract art, we have rugs suitable for every room in your house be it the living area or the hallway, the bedroom, or the dining space.  Apart from a few standard sizes, we also provide you with an option to customize the rug according to your space.