Rugs for Diwali

The dense winter nights have started to become vibrant, the fragrance of sweets and tasty treats now roams in every street, markets are going out of stock, the sound of sky shots pierces our ears softly and homes are looking more beautiful than ever. Yes, Lord Ram is returning after 14 years.’ Diwali is here!’ We know that it's not just us who feel the excitement hidden behind this statement.

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With changing times modernization has taken over the world. But, the lamps that lit up during the 527 BE still shine bright, and the rangolis that adorned the Ayodhyaya temple still have their bright colors. This is proof that in spite of everythingone thing that remains constant is the connection that we Indians have with our traditions and cultures. Every year during this festival, we light diyas to seek blessings from the almighty and bring our A game while we decorate our homes. Withholding significance for each one of us, it's the time of year when the entire family gathers to celebrate the holidays. It's the time when the kids eagerly wait to receive presents and meet their long-lost cousins and also to pull off a few tricks like stealing sweets or bursting sudden crackers to scare people off. But more than this, everyone cherishes the soulful moments of praying to goddess Laxshmi as a whole family, thanking her for what she has given and seeking blessings for a better future.

With guests visiting your house all the time, along with the belief that the gods travel from one home to another showering growth and prosperity,  all of us go over the fence to make our house spotless and beautiful. While rangolis, diyas, and the flickering lights add a graceful welcoming vibe at your entrance, the inside of our homes must present the same atmosphere. To help you create a festive home and manifest positivity in elegance, we present to you 5 rugs that you can introduce to your homes this Diwali.

  1. Urban Maze Hand Knotted WoollenAnd Silk Rug- Nothing beats a traditional celebration in radiant reds. Crafted with wool and silk of the best quality, hand-knotted by fine artisans of Bhadohi, and designed by a world-renowned designer TarunTahiliani, the Urban Maze carpet is an exquisite piece from our collection. Suitable for adding a Diwali zeal inside your homes, the classy reds with hints of gold and yellow add elegance reminiscent of a rangoli indoors as well. The rug utilizes multiple layers and textures, with muted tones and abstract patterns covering the rug in a manner that evokes richness and Diwali zeal. Use this rug as a fine tapestry for your living room wall or as a floor covering under the seating area.

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  2. Nancy Hand Knotted Woollen Rug- Earthy tones adorned with traditional Persian motifs add that touch of festive authenticity inside your home. Nancy is a fine hand-knotted woolen rig from our traditional collection suitable to induce that festive and celebratory zeal in your living space. While lights and rangolis add grace to the entrance of your home, this rug will grace your insides with unmatched elegance. Crafted using wool, the Nancy carpet comes with high durability to withstand heavy footfall and provides comfort underfoot with its plush pile.
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  3. Blossom-L Hand Tufted Woollen Round Rug- Just like petals and garlands of marigolds that we hang all over the temple while praying to goddess Laxmi, the bloom is a round-shaped rug that brings that floral beauty to your home. Crafted with wool using the hand-tufted technique, the rug features an all-over floral motif inspired by Persian designs. Vibrant shades with dense hues of the rug add the perfect contrast to your living space. Place this rug under the coffee table and watch it work its magic.

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  4. Thompson Hand Tufted Woollen Rug- Give a festive makeover to your living space with vibrant blues, fiery magentas, and multiple bright hues only via our Thompson rug. An ideal addition to your seating area during Diwali, the rug is durable and can withstand heavy footfall, thus, will protect your floorings against scratches and dents. Crafted using wool by traditional hand-tufting techniques, the rug adds that festive charm to your space. The rug not only illuminates the entire area around it but effortlessly blends in with the overall festive decor.

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  5. Zayan Hand-Tufted Woollen Rug- Boasting traditionalism, the Zayan is a hand-tufted piece from our eclectic collection of rugs. Designed for the modern home with a dense yet vibrant color palette, this woolen rug is a compliment to your festive decor. The satisfying shades match the neutral furnishings along with Oushak and Khotan motifs making a statement.

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This Diwali, let your home exude vibrancy with the colors and motifs signifying the essence of the festive season. Incorporating these rugs with traditional treasures, and floral elegance into your decor will help you to create a memorable celebration. Not only enhance the visual appeal but these rugs infuse your homes with Diwali's spirit, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your loved ones.